Tips To Get You Started On Your Programming Journey

       Tips To Get You Started On Your                                                                                                             Programming Journey


                                   Here Are 5 Tips To Start You Off In Your Journey

Programming to me is an art of creation. Just like drawing and painting where we can create what comes to our mind, we do that in programming too. We create websites,programs,games and much more. I assume that this power of creation has given you motivation and passion for programming. So, to help you out. I give you 5 tips on how to start out as a programmer.

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Tip No.1           Find A Good Language To Start Off With

There are many languages to learn. But how do you know which language to start off by? No worries young Padawan(Star wars reference. means 'student') here are some great languages you can start with:

HTML&CSS: The language HTML forms the very base for many languages(like php). A general purpose language, it is original and a great way to start off by and make webpages. CSS is used in designing a webpage.

Python: A powerful and an easy(when compared to other languages) language. Its the language that was used in making youtube,facebook,etc

Java: A very popular and widely used language. This language is perfect for those wanting to make apps. It enforces solid Object Oriented Principles (OOP) that are used in modern languages including C++, Perl, Python, and PHP. Once you've learned Java, you can learn other OOP languages pretty easily. 

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Tip No.2            Learn The Basics First

 This a fairly simple tip. But it isnt followed by many. People in a hurry try to learn the advanced concepts first. Slow down, you wont make some facebook site or a battlefield game overnight. Such things take time. Take your time, slow down and understand the basic concepts firsts. Make a few small programs as you go on before finally making your own masterpiece.

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Tip No.3             Learn By Doing

Its good that you are reading out books about programming, or reading it online. However as mentioned earlier....Programming is an art. You cannot truly grasp it until you have done a few practicals yourself. While you are learning a new concept, try those concepts out. This way you are able to understand the concept.

Image result for having fun Tip No.4              Enjoy It

This is no secret. Your goal was to make some badass programs or websites wasnt it? While learning may seem boring to some. You have to remember your goal as you go on. Its been proven, that people who enjoy something, tend to do that thing better than those who do not enjoy. Its simple, have your goal in your mind as you learn to program, this will make you go on.

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Tip No.5              Start Now!

There is an old Chinese saying. The best time to start was 20 years ago, the second best time is to start now. So what are you waiting for? Go and learn some nice programming languages and make masterpiece programs. Good luck!                   

Kailash Sudhakar
An engineering undergrad student who loves all things tech. He has a soft spot for Android.
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