Latest OxygenOS Open Beta Brings Lift Up Display, New Fonts, UI Improvements & More

OnePlus has released a new Open Beta build for it's 2016 flagship duo - the 3 and 3T. This beta build brings a bunch of new features, UI improvements and optimizations. The complete changelog is as follows:

New additions:

  • Ambient display 2.0 
  • Lift up display 
  • These two are a new implementation of Ambient display, meant to help stop accidental wakes while pulling the phone out of your pocket. Activation of the screen now requires a “double tap” action. While lift up display does exactly what it says, it turns on the screen to peek at notifications when the device is lifted. 
  • Sharing functionality for Shot on OnePlus 
  • You are now able to share the cool pictures you find in the Shot on OnePlus section in wallpapers 
  • All new OnePlus Font (Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese only) 
  • There is now a Font switcher setup in settings. 

UI Improvements:

  • Gallery v1.7 
  • Recorder v1.6 
  • Weather v1.7 
  • File Manager v1.7 
  • Other UI refinements 


  • Enhanced launching speed of 3rd-party apps 
  • Optimized management of foreground and background processes 

Other changes:

  • Setup wizard adjusted to suit the style of Android 7.1 
  • Refined contact import process from SIM card, now supports dual numbers and an email address 
  • Automatically add corresponding country codes when making calls during roaming 
  • Updated Android Security Patch level to 1st May 2017

After three Open Beta builds based on the March security patch, the security  level has finally been bumped to the latest version. Users have reported on the OnePlus forums that the addition of country codes have got VoLTE working for them. Some users are confused about how the lift up display feature works. To clear confusions, the lift up display feature will trigger ambient display every time you pick up your device or pull it out from your pocket. If you double tap on the ambient display, you will be taken to the lock screen. 

If you are on a previous Open Beta build, you will be getting a notification of the update via OTA soon. Depending on the Open Beta build you are using currently, the update size can vary between 131MB and 1.4GB. You might want to ensure that you are connected to a stable WiFi connection while downloading the update. If you are not enrolled into the beta program, you can do so by manually flashing this beta build of OxygenOS (OOS). We have compiled the flashing instructions for you below.

The purpose of the beta builds is to test out new features and optimizations before they are introduced in the stable update of OOS. Apart from testing features with the help of the community, the beta builds also allow OnePlus to collect feedback on OOS and to polish it to meet the demands of its users.

Download Links & Flashing Instructions

If you are a OnePlus 3 user, then you can grab the Open Beta 17 build from here. If you are a OnePlus 3T user, you can grab the Open Beta 8 build from here

As the update downloads, you can read the instructions we have compiled for you:

For Stock Non Rooted Users With Stock Recovery

1. Download the full zip from the link given above and place it inside the Android folder under Platform Tools on your PC.

2. Now turn off your phone and boot it into recovery mode. Press and hold volume down key and the power button to boot into recovery mode.

3. From the recovery mode, choose install from ADB sideload.

4. Under the ADB sideload menu, select "Install from USB/ADB Sideload" and connect your phone to the PC.

5. On your PC, open a command window. Press Shift and simultaneously right click and open command window in the Android folder.

6. In the command window execute the following code:
ADB Devices

This command is to check if the device is recognised and ADB drivers are correctly installed.

Once the device code is displayed, run the sideload command:
ADB Sideload (then the name of the zip).zip

For example:
adb sideload

7. Wait until the sideload is complete.

8. After the flashing is successful, go back to the main menu and reboot the phone. The first boot may take some time, so stay calm and wait for it to boot.

For rooted users with TWRP installed:

1. Download the full zip from the link given above to your phone internal memory.

2. Download SuperSU.

3. Reboot To TWRP.

4. Take a nandroid backup of your existing ROM. This is the most important step. It is always good to be on the safer side of things.

5. Go to Wipe > Advance Wipe > Select Dalvik & Cache. Then use the swip bar at the bottom to complete the process.

6. To install the ROM, head over to the main menu, then to the install Menu. Select the flahsable zip you had downloaded. Swipe to complete the flash.

7. Flash SuperSU to maintain root access. If you use a custom kernel and Xposed, then dirty flash them over the ROM. 

8. Reboot the system. The first boot may take some time, so stay calm and wait for it to boot up.

Feedback & Bug Reporting

You can help OnePlus to improve the OxygenOS and get a stable public build out as soon as possible by giving your feedback and reporting bugs

You can also report bugs using the app named 'User Feedback'. You will be able to find the app in the app drawer. If you come across any bug while using a beta build, you can open the User Feedback application and select the type of issue you came across. You can then optionally elaborate on the problem you experienced and send the feedback to the OnePlus team.

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Latest OxygenOS Open Beta Brings Lift Up Display, New Fonts, UI Improvements & More Latest OxygenOS Open Beta Brings Lift Up Display, New Fonts, UI Improvements & More Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 6/01/2017 08:55:00 PM
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