Refreshed Galaxy Note 7 is set to launch with Bixby on board

It’s the season for rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 8, but that doesn’t mean that the Note 7, or Note FE, doesn’t deserve some time in the spotlight. The ill-fated device which burst into flames last year is set to revisit the market early next month, reports Entnews, with hopes of reaching 450,000 hands. They had originally planned on launching it earlier, shipping only 150,000 units, but decided to boost that number.
What’s more notable though, is the fact that Samsung has decided to bake Bixby, their digital assistant, into the Note FE. Bixby launched first with the Galaxy S8, but not completely decked out. We’re all still waiting to see if this is going to be a worthy alternative to Google’s Assistant. This left everyone with sort of a bad taste in their mouth, but it seems that despite this fact, Samsung has decided to put it on their Note FE. We don’t now at this point if it will come with all of the features that it has on the S8 or if it will be a watered down version. This shows that Samsung has an ample amount of faith in Bixby. Right now, this AI assistant isn’t a selling point for the S8 due to the fact that it’s still not fully functional in places outside of Korea. We’ll all be excited to see what happens when the Note FE launches. With any luck, Bixby will be fully developed by the time this device is launched.

Arthur Lee
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Refreshed Galaxy Note 7 is set to launch with Bixby on board Refreshed Galaxy Note 7 is set to launch with Bixby on board Reviewed by ArthurLee on 6/16/2017 11:17:00 AM
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