New Integration In Latest Beta Release Of Nova Launcher

We all know Nova Launcher is by far one of the best lauchers available on Play Store and that it gets frequently updated. With that in mind, I'll talk about it's latest beta version - 5.4beta3 which has changed the way we search the things in Nova. All the users who use the search feature of Nova Launcher know that it can only search apps already installed. But now TeslaCoil, the company which owns Nova Launcher has made some changes in it. We can now search for our contacts, apps and apps on Play Store making it more efficient and usable.

Secondly, there has been also a change in the pop menu of icons - the one which appears when we switch to our homescreen. In the latest beta release, we can pin our favorite YouTube channel on the pop menu option and on clicking the Chrome icon it shows your most visited websites. Similarly many more options are available on apps like Spotify. These features could earlier only be enjoyed by Android Nougat users but now it can be used on any device running Android Lollipop and Marshmallow.

To get this integration you need to install Seasme Shortcuts by the Seasme Crew. Without this app you will not be able to use any of the aforementioned features. Most importantly, you need to be a beta tester of Nova Launcher. I will provide the link of Beta Tester at the end of the post. Once you sign up for the beta program, wait for 10 minutes, search for Nova Launcher and install it. If you have become a beta tester then you will see this at the bottom of the Install Button

If the message in green box appears below the install button then you have successfully become a beta tester of Nova Launcher enabling you to install it. After installing Nova Launcher make it your default launcher. After doing that go to Seasme Shortcuts app and turn on Nova Launcher Integration and you're done! Now you can use the Integration!

Nova Launcher Beta Program

[Image credit: AndroidGuys]

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New Integration In Latest Beta Release Of Nova Launcher New Integration In Latest Beta Release Of Nova Launcher Reviewed by Unknown on 7/30/2017 06:34:00 PM
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