Ryzen 3 - The New Budget CPU Is In The Market

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AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has observed a huge increase in it's marketing recently. The American company has been continuously stealing Intel's consumers with their Ryzen line up. The Ryzen CPUs are known to provide more cores at a cheaper price than Intel. Being Intel's sole competitor in the processor market, AMD has been working on semiconductor-chips specifically to come up against specific Intel lineups. This is evident from their Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 which were designed to battle the Intel i5 and i7 respectively. This time, AMD has decided to destroy i3 and pentuim with the all new Ryzen-3.

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Based on the advanced Zen-architecture, the Ryzen-3 offers two processors- the Ryzen 3 1200 and 1300x. The Ryzen 1200 provides 4 cores, operating at a base clock speed of 3.1 Gigahertz which can be overclocked. It comes with 8MB of L3 Cache and is rated at a TDP of 65W. The 1300x is also equipped with 4 cores and a slightly higher base clock speed of 3.5 Gigahertz. It is identical to the 1200 is most of the other features. Both the budget CPUs come with 4 threads and support two lanes of DDR-4 memory. AMD boasts of the "VR-ready" feature inbuilt in the two chips. The 1200 is priced at $109 while the 1300x is being sold for $129.

Now for the big question- "How is gaming with Ryzen 3?" Well, according to some benchmarks I have perused through, the i3-7350k and 7100 are slightly better than Ryzen 3 in some gaming. By slightly, I mean not more than 15fps. Usually the difference is around 5-10fps. Like always there are exceptions, like in GTA V the 1300x gives 113fps while the i3-7350k gives 90 at the same settings. (GTX 1070+16GB RAM). However when it comes to CPU performance, the quad-cores top the i3.

What does the entry of Ryzen 3 mean to the processor market? The quad core CPUs are considered to battle against the Intel i3 and pentium as they fall under the same price range as Ryzen 3. Although the Skylake and Kabylake i3 might be slightly faster, they do not exceed the limit of two cores. Until now, the only way to get a cheap $100 quad core CPU was to get a second hand i5 but AMD has changed that. Ryzen 3's impressive core count (for its price) will definitely attract the attention of people looking for a budget build. It obviously deems the i3 and pentium unappealing as you can get a quad-core in the same price bracket (in a slightly lower clock speed). This will surely land a blow on Intel's profit on i3 and pentium.

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Source: TechSpot

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