Samsung Bixby finally gets English language voice capabilities

After three months of delay, Samsung's Bixby AI based voice-assistant is finally getting support for U.S English for Galaxy S8 & S8+ users in the United States and South Korea. The company confirmed the same in a global press release. 

As mentioned earlier Bixby is Samsung's new digital assistant and will be competing with Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa. With Bixby's new added functionality, users can seamlessly navigate their phones and easily switch between voice commands, touch, vision and text.

Bixby can understand natural language, so users can complete tasks by using every day speech. Also through iterative deep learning technology, Bixby will improve over time and be able to recognize a users different preferences and ways of speaking.

It can be accessed via the dedicated Bixby hardware button or by simply saying the magic word "Hi Bixby". You can give Bixby voice commands to perform various actions like turning on flashlight, taking selfie, setting reminders, or complete complex tasks, like “remind me to pick up milk at the grocery store,” or “find photos I took in Spain and create an album called ‘Vacation.’”

Samsung says Bixby is deeply integrated across core Samsung apps, and it plans to bring Bixby to "native and third-party app" though the list of apps supported will be limited and will include only those who have opted for integration with the digital assistant via Bixby Labs. Currently, a few apps including Google Maps, Google Play Music, YouTube and Facebook support Bixby. 


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Samsung Bixby finally gets English language voice capabilities Samsung Bixby finally gets English language voice capabilities Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/19/2017 10:08:00 PM
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