5 Android Games That Are Oldies But Goodies

There are a bunch of new and exciting releases on the Play Store nowadays, but we should never forget those games from the past. Here are 5 Android games that are from days long past, but still retain their entertainment value.

1.) Tap and Furious ~Free with no in-app purchases~
This app stems from the time when mobile gaming was still getting on its feet. There’s a simple mechanic to this game: squash bugs, plain and simple. Sure there are other games out there that have you crushing imaginary insects, but what makes Tap And Furious fun is how fast paced it is. You’re bombarded by hordes of insects which only increase as you progress through the levels. And when you squash a bug, you don’t hear that stomach turning crunch, you hear either a punching sound or a clapping sound. You get power ups throughout the stages in the form of spray cans that aid you, such as bug spray, time boost, cans that make the bugs grow, cans that make them shrink and cans that zap them with lightning. As you play, you’ll have to exercise caution as the occasional butterfly or ladybug will pop up, and those guys are not to be squashed. You have easy, medium and hard difficulties and no matter which difficulty you choose, it’ll get pretty intense.

2.) Pixel Hospital ~Free with in-app purchases~
It’s common for apps nowadays to emulate graphics from the 16-bit or 8-bit era, but this is a game from a while back. Looking like a game right out of 1986, Pixel Hospital is a fun and light hearted game dealing with a pretty serious matter. You are in charge of a hospital and it’s your duty to help the patients that wander in. They come in sick or injured, and you put them in certain colored pods where they will be worked on. After that, they go to another pod. After they are well, they go to the checkout desk and are sent on their merry way. This game gets crazy fast, which is why you can purchase additional doctors and tools to cut down on operation time. You’ll need to because each patient that comes in has a limited amount of time to be operated on. If you don’t fix them in time, they die in their seat (and you don’t want that on your conscience). You have your standard system of currency: the standard currency and your premium currency. Some doctors and certain upgrades do require the premium currency, but you won’t need them in order to survive.

3.) Temple Run ~Free with in-app purchases~
Sure, anyone who’s been a part of society for the last couple of years would definitely know what Temple Run is. Half a decade ago, this game was top of the top, going toe-to-toe with Angry Birds and living to tell the tale. As time went by, more and more variations of Temple run came out, including a Brave version, an Oz The Great and Powerful version. An actual sequel, Temple 2 also came along, changing up the gameplay a bit. The concept of Temple run didn’t only live on in different iterations of the title, but in an entire genre of infinite runner games that pay tribute to Temple Run. It’s pretty bare bones compared to modern infinite runners, but that’s what makes it fun for people who want simple straightforward gameplay. You collect weird diamond shaped coins as you run which act as your currency. You use them to buy power up, boosts and unlock characters. Straight to the point and easy to play; isn’t that what we all want from a game?

4.) Draw A Stickman Epic ~$0.99 with free version[no in-app purchases]~
This game’s probably the newest one out of the bunch, but it still has some miles on it. There’s a bit of a touching story to this game. At start, you are prompted to draw your character. After that, you are prompted to draw a friend for your character and give him/her a name. At the beginning, your friend is kidnapped by a ravenous book. Your character leaps in after them and the game gets off to a start. Part adventure, part puzzler, Draw A Stickman Epic leads you through levels with certain obstacles that get in your way. You have a selection of tools for each level that you actually draw to use. Your drawings come to life and help clear the path, unlock secrets and defeat enemies. Say, if there’s a fire in your way, you draw a rain cloud to extinguish it. You can also draw that same cloud, but color it in to make it into a storm cloud which shoots lightning. There are more tools of course and you’ll need those tools and a little bit of brainpower to make it through this very clever and creative game.

Pocket Legends ~Free with in-app purchases~
Dating back to spring of 2010, Pocket Legends has been around the block more than a few times. This is an MMO that had quite the cult following. You choose a warrior and you travel from realm to realm, battling foes in order to gain power and build up your character. You’ll be doing missions for random characters that are stationed everywhere, and these missions earn you money. There are two forms of currency: your standard money and your premium currency. It’s player count has dropped significantly over the past few years, but it’s still a fun game. Other players can help you beat missions and there’s a chat system. Not the most advanced compared to today’s standards, but hey, fun is fun.

Well there you have it, a few games that have been in circulation for a while. While it’s common for apps to get buried by newer and newer releases, some of these forgotten games deserve a little more time in the sun light. Any other old apps you recommend, let us know in the comments below.

Arthur Lee
Arthur is a mobile tech lover through and through, being the head writer for two other tech sites in the past. A lover of Android, he's always looking for more information about this wonderful and open platform. Aside from writing about technology, he is also a musician. He's very happy to contribute to the AndroGuider community.
5 Android Games That Are Oldies But Goodies 5 Android Games That Are Oldies But Goodies Reviewed by ArthurLee on 8/05/2017 10:41:00 PM
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