5 More Android Games That Are Oldies, But Goodies

New games are released on the daily on the Play store. As more of these newer games are launched, the older one tend to get forgotten. What’s unfortunate is that many of the older game are still fun, and can amount for hours of game play, even today. Well, here's another list of five apps that are old, but still worth your attention.

1) Pocket Trains ~Free with in-app purchases~
Pocket Trains is a nifty little game from NimbleBit LLC where you build up your own train empire. Gameplay primarily revolves around picking up packages of goods and delivering them to designated locations using certain tracks. Each train gets its own track, and you can change the tracks as you wish. Each package is marked with a certain amount of money, and once that package gets delivered, you get that money. There are two forms of currency: gold coins and “Bux”. The coins are you main currency, and the Bux are the premium currency. You collect crates which contain parts to build new trains. Keep building and delivering until you claim every track on the map (which involves real real cities from around the world) A fun time waster that you can play in your down time.

2) Jetpack Joyride ~Free with in-app purchases~
Another smash hit from Half Brick Studios, the creators of Fruit ninja. Jetpack Joyride has aged well over the years, with its simple gameplay and host of fun gadgets, vehicles and upgrades. You play as the rambunctious and foot loose agent, Barry Steakfries, who’s broken into a lab and stole a prototype jetpack that’s literally a mini-gun pointed downward. You travel down the endless corridor with jetpack ,dodging obstacles like lasers, missiles, and electric zappers; neither of which belong in a laboratory. Collect coins, spin tokens and try to go as far as you can before you’re eventually stopped. A game that’s as fun as when it launched.

3) Townsmen ~Free with $2.99 premium version [contains in-app purchases]~
The fun of building and operating your own village never gets old. Townsmen was developed in 2012 by Handy Games which has you doing just that. There are the basic elements of a village simulator: you handle the food, water, finances, and maintenance of your village, all the while, making sure your town's folk are happy. Townsmen doesn’t do anything radically different from your typical village simulator, but that may be its best asset. Its simplicity is what makes it more of an enjoyable experience. It’s pretty straight forward. Another asset it has it its music. I has well composed background music to accompany your village building. It’ll take more than five years to make Townsmen an unworthy download.

4. Game Dev Story ~$2.49 with Free Demo~
Any game, no matter how old, where you create video games is worth your attention. Game Dev Story is a game where you create your very own video game company and grown it from the ground up. It deals with more of the corporate side of the game making process; which sounds boring, but Game Dev Story is anything but! You create a game by choosing its core features: Genres, type, console, score composer, artist, and writer. After that, you name it, launch it and watch the money roll in. There’s actually a ton of content to this game, like a gamer’s magazine, a game convention, game awards ceremony, different companies (which are comedic spoofs of existing companies like Senga and Intrndro) different consoles (Also comedic spoofs of existing consoles) and much much more. It’s really an immersive experience.

5 Osmos HD ~ $2.99 with free Demo [No in-app purchases]~
Some apps are made to please the senses, and Osmos is one of them. Originally released in 2010 for iOS, Osmos is a game which mixes elements of the cosmos, and osmosis (yes, cellular activity). Your is an organism whose job is to either absorb other organisms or reach a certain size. You can only absorb organisms that you are bigger than, but the more organisms you absorb, the bigger you yourself get. There are various missions which involve different types of organisms. As stated before, this game mixes elements of the cosmos and osmosis. The background of the levels are dotted with specs that represent stars, and there are levels where you’re orbiting a large organism with a gravitational field. These atmospheric qualities give you the impression that you’re in outer space. The visuals are still incredible, even for a game that’s seven years old, and the music is spacy and relaxing.

There are tons more games that are lost to time. Here are just five of them. Always keep your eyes out for other games from the past that are still fun in the present.

Arthur Lee
Arthur is a mobile tech lover through and through, being the head writer for two other tech sites in the past. A lover of Android, he's always looking for more information about this wonderful and open platform. Aside from writing about technology, he is also a musician. He's very happy to contribute to the AndroGuider community.
5 More Android Games That Are Oldies, But Goodies 5 More Android Games That Are Oldies, But Goodies Reviewed by ArthurLee on 8/07/2017 08:34:00 PM
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