Qualcomm announces second-gen Spectra ISP for 2018 phones

Qualcomm has announced expansion of its Spectra Module Program, with the addition of the new Spectra ISP and second-generation camera modules. The next gen technology is designed for smartphones and HMD (head mounted display) and is capable of improved biometric authentication and high-resolution depth sensing.

For the uninitiated, Qualcomm's Spectra ISP is designed to communicate with the camera module. It dictates the speed, the camera can focus and snap a shot, and the photo's image quality. Previous gen ISP and camera modules focused on dual-cameras with low-light photography and video recording with smooth zoom. It is now widely deployed in many 2016 and 2017 flagship smartphones powered by Snapdragon 820 and 835..

The next gen ISPs is most likely to be used in Snapdragon 845 and features a new camera architecture designed for advancements in computer vision, image quality and power-efficiency for the the next Snapdragon Mobile and VR Platforms. It consists of three system: an iris authentication module, a passive depth sensing module and an active depth sensing module.

The new Spectra ISP offers multi-frame noise reduction for superior photographic quality, along with hardware-accelerated motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF), and inline electronic image stabilization (EIS) for superior camcorder-like video quality.

The low-power, high-performance motion tracking capabilities of the Qualcomm Spectra ISP, in addition to optimized simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms, are designed to support new extended reality (XR) use cases for virtual and augmented reality applications that require SLAM. 

The Qualcomm Spectra family of ISPs and new Qualcomm Spectra camera modules are expected to be part of the next flagship Snapdragon Mobile Platform, which is most likely to be Snapdragon 845.


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Qualcomm announces second-gen Spectra ISP for 2018 phones Qualcomm announces second-gen Spectra ISP for 2018 phones Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/16/2017 05:05:00 PM
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