WhatsApp will soon have verified account for businesses

Multiple reports in the past have suggested that WhatsApp is testing verified accounts for businesses. And now WhatsApp via its FAQ page has confirmed that it will soon have a verified account for businesses.

The FAQ page says that WhatsApp is exploring ways for users to communicate with relevant businesses. The verified business accounts will be indicated by a "Green Tick", similar to Facebook and Twitter. If you see the green tick on a contact's name, this means WhatsApp has confirmed the phone number and it's a legitimate business account.

WhatsApp will indicate when you're chatting with a business account via yellow messages inside the chat box, and there's no ways to delete the chat messages. However, users will have the option to block business account which they do not want to be contacted by. 

In addition, WhatsApp will also let businesses set working hours. If you call a business account and they are not available, you'll get an 'away' message. Business account holders can also manage their automatic messages.

WhatsApp business verification is currently limited to a small number of businesses participating in the beta program, and should roll out to everyone soon.

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WhatsApp will soon have verified account for businesses WhatsApp will soon have verified account for businesses Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/28/2017 05:43:00 PM
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