[APK Download] Nova Launcher 5.4.1 Stable Release Brings Sesame Shortcuts

Nova Launcher has been testing out Sesame Shortcuts in its beta builds since July. Sesame Shortcuts allows for deeper integration with the apps. So say when you are using the search feature in Nova Launcher, Sesame Shortcuts will pull out the matching results of the search query from the names of your contacts, WhatsApp, Spotify, Tasker and many more. This deep linking makes the search feature in Nova Launcher altogether more useful. Sesame Shortcuts also allows you to customize the app shortcuts which were introduced with Nougat. The video below demonstrates the various functionalities exhibited by Sesame Shortcuts.

After being in beta for over two months, Sesame Shortcuts can now be used with the stable version of Nova Launcher. This is not the only change with this update of Nova Launcher. There are several other changes which have been made. The complete changelog is as follows.

-New App Search animation

-Sesame Shortcut integration for long-press shortcuts and app search
-Ability to hide navbar on Samsung S8 (Nova Settings > Look and Feel)
-Update round searchbar style
-Improvements for Android Oreo
-Bug fixes and optimizations

Also note a few Nova Settings have moved since the last beta
There's now:

Nova Settings > Look and Feel > Search > App Search Background Color
Nova Settings > Desktop > Searchbar Style > Search as overlay
Nova Settings > Integrations for both Sesame and Google Now

The update to Nova Launcher should be available in the Play Store now. If for some reason you can't see the update, you can update manually by installing the APK file from here.

Source: Kevin Barry

[Image credits: Nova Launcher]

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[APK Download] Nova Launcher 5.4.1 Stable Release Brings Sesame Shortcuts [APK Download] Nova Launcher 5.4.1 Stable Release Brings Sesame Shortcuts Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 9/07/2017 11:47:00 PM
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