Instagram now lets you Remix photos sent via direct

Instagram has updated it Android and iOS app to add a new feature called 'Remix' to have fun with photos. The feature lets you edit and customize your friends photo in Direct with doodles and text, and send it back to them within another photo of yourself.

Now when you're viewing a photo message from a friend, tap on the camera icon at the bottom and capture a reply. The reply will include a sticker of the image you're replying to. The sticker can be moved and resized, and customized with stickers, text and drawings on top. Once done you can send the reply. 

You also get the option to remix the photos and send them back and forth to the friend who sent it for a fun visual of your conversation.

You can even control the replays. Choose 'One View' for message you want your friends to only see once. For everything else choose 'Allow Replay' so your friends have more time to view your messages. The photos and videos sent with 'Allow Replay', loop automatically and your friends can tap and hold to pause.

These updates are available as part of Instagram version 24 for iOS and version 24 on Android. 

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Instagram now lets you Remix photos sent via direct Instagram now lets you Remix photos sent via direct Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/29/2017 03:20:00 PM
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