Samsung’s graphene batteries could charge your phone in 12 minutes

Lithium-ion batteries are widely applied to markets for mobile devices and electric vehicles since 1991. However these type of batteries requires charging time of at least an hour to fully charge, even with quick charging technology. Also they have reached their limit for capacity expansion. Having said that, it appears that Samsung is working on a new solution.

A team of researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) developed a 'graphene ball' battery material that enables a 45 percent increase in capacity and five time charging speed than lithium-ion batteries. 

In theory, a battery based on 'graphene ball' material requires only 12 minute to fully charge, and can maintain high stability even at 60 degree celsius temperature. This battery material promises for the second generation battery market related to mobile devices and electric vehicles.

SAIT also sought for an approach to apply graphene to batteries and discovered a mechanism to mass synthesize graphene into a 3D form like popcorn using affordable silica (SiO2). This graphene ball was utilized for both the anode protective layer and cathode material in lithium-ion batteries, which ensured an increase of charging capacity, and decrease of charging time as well as stable temperatures.

In its research, SAIT collaborated closely with Samsung SDI as well as a team from Seoul National University’s School of Chemical and Biological Engineering. SAIT has also filed two applications for the “graphene ball” technology patent in the US and Korea.


Kaiser Bey
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Samsung’s graphene batteries could charge your phone in 12 minutes Samsung’s graphene batteries could charge your phone in 12 minutes Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/29/2017 09:54:00 PM
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