YouTube introduces 'Reels', a Stories-like feature

YouTube has come out with a Instagram and Snapchat's Stories like feature for the Creators, which it is calling 'Reels'. This way creators will be able to easily express themselves and engage with fans.

For the unaware, the Stories feature allows users to create a feed of photos and videos for sharing with friends and expires after 24 hours. However, unlike Stories, YouTube's Reels function will not  expire after 24 hours. They will live forever under a separate tab from the regular YouTube contents made by users.

Creators will be able to shoot multiple Reels, and each Reel will last up to 30 seconds in lengths. They can also customize Reels by adding filters, text, stickers and links. Much like YouTube videos, viewers can rate 'Reels' by giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down, as well as post comments.

Reels is currently rolling out to YouTube Creators who have more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers. However, the feature is in beta phase, so that YouTube can improve the feature and expand to more creators. 

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YouTube introduces 'Reels', a Stories-like feature YouTube introduces 'Reels', a Stories-like feature Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/30/2017 03:13:00 PM
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