Qualcomm and MediaTek announces support for Android Oreo (Go edition)

Chip makers Qualcomm and MediaTek has announced their support for Google's Android Oreo (Go Edition). To remind you the lighter Android operating system was launched at an event in India earlier this week, and is designed to run on low-cost Android devices that have up to 1GB RAM.

Qualcomm said that it is working with Google to deliver an optimal experience on devices with less than 1GB RAM with the Android Oreo (Go Edition). Its mid and low-tier Snapdragon mobile platforms will be ready to be used by device manufacturers shortly after the latest version of Android is released to the Open Source Project. This will enable the next wave of value priced smartphones with a focus on speed and reliability.

Mediatek on the other hand said that after its deep collaboration with Google, MediaTek's MT6739, MT6737 and MT6580 processor are optimized and support packages are available to run Android Oreo (Go Edition).

Limited processing power and storage are top pain points for entry-level device users. Android Oreo (Go edition) was created to not only address these issues, but also to deliver 15% faster performance, security, data management, and 2x more storage. With Android Oreo (Go edition), Google has also optimized its services and Google Play Store to improve the capabilities of entry-level devices. The Go Edition also comes with a suite of light-weight apps such as Google Go, YouTube Go, Google Assistant Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Gi and Files Go.

Android Oreo (Go edition) is expected to be available running on devices based on Snapdragon and MediaTek mobile platforms in early 2018.

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Qualcomm and MediaTek announces support for Android Oreo (Go edition) Qualcomm and MediaTek announces support for Android Oreo (Go edition) Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/08/2017 03:04:00 PM
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