Essential Phone Gets February Security Patch

Ever since Essential committed to monthly security patches for the PH-1, the Andy Rubin lead company has lived up to it's word every month. Google started rolling out the February security patch to Pixel and Nexus devices a few days back, and now Essential is doing the same for PH-1.

The update is currently being rolled out via OTA with the build number NMK24B. For those of you who bought the PH-1 from Sprint, you should be getting the update too. The Sprint Essential Phone hasn't received any monthly security patch since November last year, while the unlocked models of the PH-1 have received every security update. This is because carriers (Sprint in this case) usually review the update themselves and it is this additional verification step which causes the delay with updates. In some cases, the update isn't approved by the carrier and hence isn't rolled out to the consumers affiliated with the carrier.

Essential is supposed to begin the Oreo update roll out for the PH-1 by the end of the week. The PH-1 would directly be updated to Oreo 8.1, instead of 8.0.

[Image credits - Essential]

Krittin Kalra
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Essential Phone Gets February Security Patch Essential Phone Gets February Security Patch Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 2/08/2018 01:14:00 PM
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