Resurrection Remix Release Oreo 8.1 Based Official Builds

The Resurrection Remix team have released the first official builds of their Oreo based ROM. As seen in the teaser earlier, the version number of the ROM is 6.0.0 and it's based on the latest maintenance release of Oreo - Android 8.1.0.

Unlike Nougat, the Resurrection Remix team haven't released a list of features of the ROM. When I tried to ask for the feature list, Resurrection Remix's head developer Varun Date simply replied, "It's too long to list." Resurrection Remix has always been a feature rich ROM and Date's reply aptly sums it up. 

According to Resurrection Remix's lead developer Akhil Narang, users should "flash and find out" what's included in the ROM. However if you still yearn to know what's present in the ROM, I can tell you that most of the features from Nougat based builds of RR have been carried over.

Please wait for the bootanimation GIF to load.
You can find the dark bootanimation here.

The one change that you will notice right after booting into RR 6.0 is the new bootanimation. The new bootanimation compiled by Praneet Jaiswal is funky, vivid and colourful.

RR 6.0 isn't rooted out of the box, but supports OMS Substratum themes. At the time of writing this article, official builds of Resurrection Remix were available for OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 5/5T, and Redmi Note 3. The official builds can be downloaded from here. Open Gapps currently don't provide flashable Google application packages for Oreo. The Gapps package recommended by RR can be downloaded from here.

Since this is the first release of the ROM, it's probable that a few bugs would have gone unnoticed. If you come across a bug, you can report it to the Resurrection Remix Google+ community or Telegram group with a logcat. I would recommend checking out Nathan Chancellor's guide on how to take a logcat. 

The settings of Resurrection Remix 6.0 are currently only available in the English language. If you would like to translate RR, you can visit the Crowdin page of Resurrection Remix.

Source: Resurrection Remix, +Praneet Jaiswal - (1) and (2)

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Resurrection Remix Release Oreo 8.1 Based Official Builds Resurrection Remix Release Oreo 8.1 Based Official Builds Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 2/10/2018 01:26:00 AM
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