Official Oreo 8.1 Based Builds Of dotOS Have Been Released

In his review of Nougat based dotOS, Marius found dotOS to be "a beautiful custom ROM standing out from the crowd." When dotOS burst onto the scene, there was little to tell ROMs apart. If one ROM had a feature, it was likely that another would have it too. With it's new and unique approach to design, dotOS v1.2 was a breath of fresh air, and it was a good one. dotOS was a huge success in Nougat, and now the team behind the project have released their Oreo based builds.

The list of features is given below:

Battery Icon Style
Clock and Date
Statusbar icons
Traffic indicators

Navigation Bar:
Navbar modes(Stock, Smartbar, Fling)
Smartbar tweaks
Navbar Pulse
Fling mode gestures
All DUI nav tweaks

Brightness slider toggle
Titles visibility
Tiles track accent color toogle
Quick pulldown
Smart pulldown
Rows and columns tweaks

Memory bar
Immersive recents
Clear all fab
Clear all fab location

Double-tap to sleep
Lockscreen Tuner
Charging info
Media cover art toggle

Powermenu tweaks
H/W keys customisation
Volume button tweaks

Launch music app on headset connection
Battery light charging customisations
App Ops

The redesigned user interface of the ROM will give you a feel of Android P. dotOS have carried over their unique design approach from Nougat. DotExtras borrows a leaf from the design language of Dirty Tweaks, and builds on top of it with several unique elements. More than DotExtras I liked the design of the Interface Centre. I found it intriguing and was blown away by the beautiful and subtle animations when moving across different tabs.

dotOS are only supporting a handful of devices for now and the project's lead developer Mohan Cm has said that more devices will be added to the official roster. Devices which are supported officially will get new builds on every Saturday.

dotOS have also said that they are working on updating their website with new features and more information. The team is also working on bringing up Jira for bug reporting and feature suggestions, and Crowdin for translations.

Source: Google+, dotOS downloads

[All images courtesy of dotOS]

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Official Oreo 8.1 Based Builds Of dotOS Have Been Released Official Oreo 8.1 Based Builds Of dotOS Have Been Released Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 3/20/2018 11:50:00 AM
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