OxygenOS Open Beta 35/26 For OnePlus 3/3T Brings Double Tap To Lock Screen & More

OnePlus last released Open Beta builds for the OnePlus 3 and 3T two weeks ago, and now the company has released new beta builds for the two smartphones. OnePlus has assured the 3 and 3T of an update to Android 8.1. However, the beta builds OnePlus has just released are based on Android 8.0.

The update changelog is given below.


Supported double-tap to lock screen
Improved search history for App drawer

File manager
Hide lock-box entry in guest mode
Optimized scanning logic for large files

Image credits - mikica023

The functionality of double tapping to lock the screen will only work on the desktop screens of the launcher. It's also worth noting here that the double tapping gesture will only work when empty spaces on the desktop screen are touched.  The gesture can be enabled by long pressing on any empty space on the launcher desktop screen, going to 'HOME SETTINGS' and switching the toggle next to 'Double tap to lock'.

If you are using an old Open Beta build, you will soon be getting an update notification of this build. You can also update manually by flashing the beta build files. The download links for the Open Beta builds can be found at the links in the source. If you haven't previously installed the Open Beta builds, you can do so by following the instructions linked in the source. Please note that once you have switched over to the beta path, you would no longer get the stable updates. Beta users only get updates to subsequent beta builds. Moving back over to the stable builds would require a wipe of the data partition which will erase all the applications (along with their data), contacts and messages.

Source: OnePlus forums, OxygenOS Open Beta 35 for OnePlus 3 (download link + installation instructions), OxygenOS Open Beta 26 for OnePlus 3T (download link + installation instructuons)

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OxygenOS Open Beta 35/26 For OnePlus 3/3T Brings Double Tap To Lock Screen & More OxygenOS Open Beta 35/26 For OnePlus 3/3T Brings Double Tap To Lock Screen & More Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 4/24/2018 10:44:00 PM
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