dotOS Updated With Android P Style QS Panel, June Security Patch & More

The Oreo-based builds of dotOS were released in March. The first major update to the ROM dropped two months ago, and now the team behind dotOS has released a new update. dotOS v2.3 includes the security patches for June, Android P style quick settings panel, new icons and wallpapers, and OxygenOS like quick settings toggles. The interface of dotUI (this is where most of the customizations in the ROM are present) has been redone. Additionally, several system apps such as calculator, gallery, FM radio, and documents have been redesigned.

The dotOS team has also added some new accent colours with this update. Previously, the inbuilt theming options were restricted to the quick settings panel, Settings, volume dialog box, and power menu. In dotOS v2.3, all the above-mentioned components can be themed along with the redesigned system apps.

Here's a brief changelog as provided by dotOS:


Merged June Security patches | Android _r33
Default accent has been changed to OxygenOS accent
Added OxygenOS like toggles
Implement new QS Panel design inspired from Android P dp1
New Platlogo, About Logo and dotOS logo from scratch
Remove Settings extra left padding
Lockscreen clock / date style
Update dotOS Statusbar icon
dotUI new interference - complete UI remake
Camera app re-designed
FM Radio app re-designed
Gallery app redesigned and tracks accents
Calculator app supports inbuilt themes and tracks accents
Documents app - supports inbuilt themes and tracks accents
PowerMenu icons re-designed
Added Custom DPI settings under Display
Added new Color accents
Merged more ROM translations

Official builds of dotOS v2.3 are available for 23 devices. The generic system image for Treble supported devices has also been updated for v2.3. All the downloads can be found at the link in the source. dotOS post updates to their social networks when a new build is uploaded. You can follow dotOS on Facebook, Google+, and Telegram.

Source: dotOS, dotOS downloads

[All images courtesy of dotOS]

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dotOS Updated With Android P Style QS Panel, June Security Patch & More dotOS Updated With Android P Style QS Panel, June Security Patch & More Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 6/12/2018 02:50:00 PM
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