Resurrection Remix Updated To v6.1.0 With June Security Patch, New Features & Fixes

The first Oreo-based builds of Resurrection Remix dropped in February. In the four months since Resurrection Remix has been updated regularly with new features and fixes. However, despite the addition of new features, the version number of the ROM wasn't updated until earlier today. Earlier in the day, the Resurrection Remix team announced that the ROM has been bumped up to v6.1.0.

If you have used a recent build of Resurrection Remix, then v6.1.0 won't seem like a major update. The changes which have been made since recent builds include the June security patch, updates to the translations, and bug fixes. And because Resurrection Remix uses LineageOS as its base, all recent changes from LOS have been merged as well.

RR 6.1.0 includes a lot of new features in comparison to the initial Oreo builds. I dug into the GitHub of Resurrection Remix and compiled a list of features which have been added since February. Here is the list of the new features:

- June security patches
- Updates from LineageOS
- Translation updates
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Add support for multiple windows in Jelly
- SnapdragonCamera: Panorama, replace border drawable
- SystemUI: update heads up, sync and volume panel drawables
- SystemUI: Don't append app name to file on lockscreen
- SystemUI: Enable dualTarget on CellularTile
- Make it possible to hide signal strength via Carrier Config
- SystemUI: add navbar button layout inversion tuning
- Add an option to force pre-O apps to use full screen aspect ratio
- Add setting in Dialer to enable Do Not Disturb during calls
- Pulse: Add bar animation smoothing
- Add Edge Gestures and smart pixels to nav layout
- Settings - custom Toast color options
- Add Twitter and pitchblack links into about section
- Ambient Display battery toggle
- base: SystemUI: bring back the google assist qs tiles
- Ambient battery level: use a ⚡ symbol when charging
- Ambient: show battery level on bottom
- Add Pulse Lava Lamp start and end colors
- Use Auto brightness for Ambient Display
- Jelly: support dark mode
- EmergencyInfo: support night mode
- DocumentsUI: support night mode
- SystemUI: Update PB statusbar logo
- SystemUI: allow the power menu to be relocated
- sdk: introduce Style API
- LineageSettings: Add a setting for button backlight only when pressed
- Settings: "Security & location" -> "Security & privacy"
- One does not simply become a Developer
- Add kill button to notification guts
- Trebuchet: Sync launcher theme with system dark/light theme
- SystemUI: RecentsView: Use accent color in memory bar
- BatteryService: add turbo power charging support
- lineage-sdk: Add support to force use of the black theme instead of the dark
- SystemUI: Advanced location tile
- BatteryMeterDrawable: add battery styles
- Add Left Clock
- Navigation Bar Tile
- Adaptive icons for various apps
- Screenshot: append app name to filename
- Allow to quickly open Running Services from QS panel
- Ambient and statusbar media tickers: code fixes and improvements
- Ambient music ticker improvements
- SystemUI: use slashify for more qs tile
- Add interpolators to qs tiles animation
- Add animations to quick settings tiles [1/2]
- Hide tiles title: longpress will launch detail view
- Brightness slider: Vibrate after a long press
- Brightness slider buttons: make them dynamic (auto and manual)
- Notifications: Materialize missed calls icons
- spinner: make the loading "spinner" animation smoother in non-holo apps
- SystemUI: Add Smart Pixels tile
- Recents: Tint membar to accent if recents styles are disabled
- Add RR logo to empty recents view - Change No recents string to RR Remixed - Both logo and text will change with system accent colors
- NetworkDiagnostics: switch to Cloudflare DNS
- Use Cloudflare DNS servers as hints
- Use Cloudflare DNS servers as defaults for tethering
- Use Cloudflare DNS as the default fallback
- Allow to quickly open Running Services from QS panel
- DUI Fling: allow to reset options and save/restore actions profile
- DUI custom actions: compatibility for Tasker and other activities
- Add interpolators to qs tiles animation
- Add animations to quick settings tiles
- Settings:Optional recents lock icon switch

As mentioned before, v6.1.0 not only consists of new features, but also a lot of bug fixes. For the complete list of changes, you can check out the changelog page on RR's GitHub.

A large number of devices are supported via official builds of Resurrection Remix. You can check out Resurrection Remix's download portal (or the XDA forums of your device) to find out whether your device is supported. The RR team post updates about new builds on their Telegram channel, so you can follow them there to get alerted about the updates.

Source: Resurrection Remix GitHub, Resurrection Remix Downloads

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Resurrection Remix Updated To v6.1.0 With June Security Patch, New Features & Fixes Resurrection Remix Updated To v6.1.0 With June Security Patch, New Features & Fixes Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 6/13/2018 01:30:00 AM
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