Analysis: OnePlus' Maintenance Schedule Offers Longer Update Support To OP3/5 Than OP3T/5T

Since 2016, we have seen that OnePlus launches two smartphones every year. The OP3 and OP3T were the two smartphones OnePlus launched in 2016, and last year, OnePlus released the OP5 and OP5T. Before we get any further, it is important to make note of the launch dates of the above-mentioned smartphones (refer to the table below). It is also worth noting that shortly after the release of the OP3T, OnePlus unified its updates with the OP3. In other words, OnePlus releases the updates for the OP3 and OP3T together. Recently, OnePlus did the same for the updates of the OP5 and OP5T.

Device Launch Date Age
(at the time of writing this article)
OnePlus 3 June 14, 2016 2 years, 2 weeks, 2 days
OnePlus 3T November 15, 2016 1 year, 7 months
OnePlus 5 June 20, 2017 1 year
OnePlus 5T November 21, 2017 7 months

Yesterday, OnePlus posted the 'Software Maintenance Schedule' in which it promised two years of software updates and three years of security patches for supported devices. If we are just to go by the stated time frames, the OnePlus 3 should have stopped receiving the software updates since it's already two years old. However, given the unification of the updates, that hasn't happened. Instead, OnePlus has said that the "release date of the T variants would be considered" for calculating the two- and three-year mark. This means that the release date of the OP3T would be used to determine for how long the OP3 and OP3T will get the updates. Both the devices will continue to get software updates till November 2018, and security patches until November 2019.

The OP3, therefore, gets software and security updates for 2.5- and 3.5-years respectively, while the OP3T gets software and security updates for 2- and 3-years respectively. OnePlus is expected to follow a similar scheme of things for the OP5 and OP5T. If the trend repeats, OP5 will get six months of additional security patches and software updates than the OP5T.

Some of the 'T' variant users might consider this as impartial, and they are right in their judgement. However, there is little that can be done about this; after all, OnePlus is meeting the minimum support period for each device. OnePlus has stated in its schedule that each of the OP3, OP3T, OP5 and OP5T will get (at least) two years of software updates and three years of security patches. Since OnePlus is doing what it has said, technically, the company hasn't done anything wrong. That's why I say that there is not much we can do to fix this.

The OP6 is the first device from OnePlus to support Project Treble. Because Treble makes it easier for manufacturers to update their devices, I had hope that OnePlus would update the OP6 for a longer time; however, that's not going to happen. 

Currently, there are no signs that OnePlus will stop releasing 'T' variants of its smartphones. So, OnePlus' summer releases (such as the OP3 and OP5) may continue to get additional six months of updates. If you're someone who is mindful of long term software support, you might want to keep this in mind the next time you shop for a OnePlus.

Krittin Kalra
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Analysis: OnePlus' Maintenance Schedule Offers Longer Update Support To OP3/5 Than OP3T/5T Analysis: OnePlus' Maintenance Schedule Offers Longer Update Support To OP3/5 Than OP3T/5T Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 7/01/2018 12:22:00 AM
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