OxygenOS 5.1.11 Is Here For OnePlus 6, Fixes Screen Flickering & Improves HDR Mode

OnePlus 6 is a great device with an excellent software support from OnePlus
In order to improve the software experience on its latest flagship, OnePlus is now rolling out OxygenOS 5.1.11 which fixes the month-old screen flickering issue. The issue wasn't a major one as it only appeared when the phone was under bright ambient light and adaptive brightness was on. OnePlus has fixed the issue, nonetheless.

Not only this, the camera has also improved with this update. To be precise, HDR mode has been tickled a bit to perform better and users can expect improved quality photos clicked under HDR mode. The company also mentioned network improvements. I believe this would include improvements to the mobile network. WiFi is another area which has got some tweaks and should be more stable than before.

Another pretty useful and highly used feature, pin unlock, has been improved. After installing this update, you wouldn't have to tap on the tick after entering your phone password. This means from now on, the last digit of your pin (if valid) will directly let you unlock the phone without the need to tap the tick. 

The company quoted:
We are starting to push a staged roll-out of OxygenOS 5.1.11, this update contains System and camera optimizations.


  • Optimized network connection
  • Optimized stability for Wi-Fi connection
  • Fixed screen flickering issue in daylight
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Confirm pin without tapping ✓(Setting > Security & lock > PIN)
  • Improved HDR mode

As this update is in a staged rollout process, it will be seeded to a small set of users first. In the coming days, the update will be further rolled out widely, so you might have to wait for the update to reach you. The build files for this update aren't live yet. We shall update this post when OnePlus makes the downloads available.

Rajat Kapoor
Rajat Kapoor is a self confessed tech geek. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, he is currently pursuing MCA and prefers Android over iOS. You will see his articles here and we do hope that you find them useful and informational.
OxygenOS 5.1.11 Is Here For OnePlus 6, Fixes Screen Flickering & Improves HDR Mode OxygenOS 5.1.11 Is Here For OnePlus 6, Fixes Screen Flickering & Improves HDR Mode Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 8/16/2018 12:09:00 PM
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