Best Free Marketing and Sales Resources for SaaS Companies

There are a number of blog posts with deceptive titles, for example, “10 Ways to Get Instant Success”. Such posts are click bait and can't usually guarantee what they state. 

Instead, they tell you one or two things, and then say something like “talk to us if you want to know more” and that's what their strategy is.

There are numerous posts about SaaS marketing. No doubt that it is a good lead generator, but It’s a cumbersome task. 

So, I thought I would do something different to help SaaS startups get some free marketing and sales resources. This guide has all the secrets for your marketing game. 

So, let’s get into it and explore some amazing resources that would kickstart your marketing strategy!


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  1. An Amazing Way to Get Customer Feedback and Build a Community:

  2. An Effective Swag Strategy: 

  3. Flywheels And How To Create Content Communities: 

  4. The Bullseye Framework for Getting Traction: 

  5. The One Growth Metric that Moves Acquisition, Monetization, and Virality: 

  6. Why Product Market Fit Isn't Enough: 

  7. An Unfiltered Look At How To Launch A New Community: 

  8. From Instant Pot to Instagram: Critical Lessons in Startup Community Building: 

  9. How to Build An Amazing Community Post COVID: 

  10. How to Build a Community That Loves You: 

  11. How to design a high-value community: 

  12. Startup Marketing: Community Management As A State Of Mind: 

  13. Startups Share Their Tactics And Thoughts On Community Management: 

  14. The 4 C's To Build A Strong Startup Community: 

  15. Want to Build Community? Here's How 150 Startups Did It: 

  16. When Community Becomes Your Competitive Advantage: 

  17. Don't Just Throw Together a Webinar — The Virtual Events Crash Course You Need: 

  18. Hiring your First Head of Marketing: 

  19. Choosing A Name The Right Way: 

  20. 7 Focus Areas Every Growth Hire Should Know Inside and Out: 

  21. Growth Hacker Is The New VP of Marketing: 

  22. How Morning Brew's Referral Program Built An Audience of 1.5 Million Subscribers: 

  23. How to Build a Growth Team: 

  24. Loops are the New Funnels: 

  25. Notes on Superhumans Acquisition Loops: 

  26. Why Figma Wins: 

  27. How to Create A Marketing Plan: 

  28. Paid Marketing Addiction: 

  29. How to Use PR + Thought Leadership to Grow Your Startup: 

  30. 7 Ways SEO Can Get You to a Million+ Monthly Users: 

  31. How To Scale Sales At Your Startup: 

  32. How a Fast-Growing Startup Built Its Sales Team for Long-Term Success: 

  33. Sales Advice for Technical Founders - Y Combinator: 

  34. Startup Founders, Put On Your Sales Hats: 

  35. Three Frameworks to Kickstart Your Sales: 

  36. The Guide to Personalized Messages: 


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  1. Onym Guide to Naming: 

  2. Positioning Your Startup is Vital — Here’s How to Nail It: 

  3. The Three-Hour Brand Sprint: 

  4. Community Canvas - A Guide To Build Meaningful Communities: 

  5. The Community Canvas: 

  6. The Ultimate Guide To Community Management: 

  7. The Ultimate Guide To Successful B2B Community Management: 

  8. Virtual Events Guide for Startups: 

  9. B2B SaaS Marketing Guide: 

  10. The Guide to Sales and Marketing for Technical People: 

  11. The Ultimate Guide To Customer Success For SaaS: 

  12. 77 Best SAAS Sales Resources: 

  13. Guide to Successful Rep Onboarding and Ramp: 

  14. Remote Revenue Starter Kit: 

  15. Revenue Success Recipes for the New 2020 Reality: 

  16. The Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement: 

  17. The GTM Playbook for Revenue Teams: 

  18. The Guide to Sales and Marketing for Technical People: 

  19. Good Sales Emails: 


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  1. This Brand Strategy Can Make Your Startup Look Bigger Than It Is: 

  2. How to Build a B2B SaaS Brand: 

  3. 6 Startup Strategies For Building A Niche Community: 

  4. Community business models: Product-led community: 

  5. How to Create an Interactive Workshop in Zoom: 

  6. Creating a Sales Forecast: 


Illustration by <a href="">Natasha Remarchuk</a> from <a href="">Ouch!</a>

  1. Community Thread: 

  2. How to Get Press for Your Company: 


  1. From Zero to a Million Users - Dropbox and Xobni lessons learned: 

  2. Founder-led Selling: 


  1. How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users: 

  2. For The Love: 

  3. There's more to communities than Facebook goat groups: 


Illustration by <a href="">Thierry Fousse</a> from <a href="">Ouch!</a>

  1. Igniting Viral Growth and Building a User Community: 

  2. PR + Content for Growth - Y Combinator: 

  3. SEO Advice from Survey Monkey: 

  4. How to Crush It On Twitter: David Perrell and Mathew Kobach: 

  5. How to Sell (Y-Combinator Startup School): 

  6. New Sales Models David Sacks: 


  1. The New Growth Mindset with Sean Ellis & James Currier: 


  1. 59 Tips for Scaling Startup Sales: 

Illustration by <a href="">Julia Gnedina</a> from <a href="">Ouch!</a>

Within your overarching SaaS marketing strategy, you’re going to have a number of other specific marketing strategies. For example, you’ll have a content marketing strategy, email marketing strategy, and so on.

Once you’ve worked through your high-level SaaS marketing strategy and have identified the tactics and channels you’re going to take advantage of, it’s time to create your SaaS marketing plan and GET SET GO! 

Samantha Paul
Samantha is a SaaS fan who is always on the lookout for great software and lifetime deals. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, Samantha prefers Windows to Mac and Android over iOS. You will see her articles here and we hope that you find them useful and informational.
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