Writecream: The best place for all your writing problems!

A number of AI powered copywriting tools are available in the market these days but every tool has its own pros and cons. I've been a user of such tools for a long time now and recently I discovered a new platform, Writecream. 

Writecream is the perfect place for all your writing problems like generating personalized introductions and messages for Cold Emails, LinkedIn Outreach, generating Blog ideas, Website Copy, Social Media content and much more.

This tool has the ability to increase your productivity manifold. There is no dearth of copywriting tools in the market right now and a number of SaaS tools are there but Writecream is highly recommended. 

You must be thinking what makes Writecream so special? 

Here are the reasons which have made me a loyal customer of Writecream! 

  1. It gives you the best personalized introductions so that your emails don't end up in trash!.

  2. Writing a blog is not easy but this AI powered tool helps to generate an entire blog post from scratch. It not only helps in selecting an idea from the idea generator but also prepares a proper outline for the Blog in just minutes. 

  3. Consistency on social media is a prerequisite for the success of any business but maintaining consistency is itself a cumbersome task. Writecream is your Saviour! It not only helps in generating captions for social media posts but also creates engagement. It also generates some amazing ideas for YouTube video topics! 

  4. It also includes other outreach options like backlinks, Google reviews, and Quora Answer assist.

  5. This tool helps you to get out of writer's block and generates high-quality copy for digital ads, emails, website copy, listings, and much more. 

  6. Apart from the tools available, it has a live chat support option which helps its users to be at ease while using the software and this compels me to rate its customer support as 10/10.  

  7. Writecream is not just time-efficient but also cost-efficient. It has a free 1 month trial without any credit card requirements for its new users along with access to all the newest features. This surely is a cost-efficient plan! 

To get more acquainted with this platform, I have some other points to cover.

User Interface

As soon as you sign up for an account on Writecream, the main dashboard looks like this. It has a great user interface and is easy to manage. It displays all the tools and templates available which include email personalization, LinkedIn personalization, blog titles, blog intros and outline, cold email outreach, digital ads copy, website copy and a lot more! 

You can choose a tool of your choice and start generating ideas with it!


This tool is super convenient to use. Just click on the tool that you need and get set GO! 

For example: Let's start with the Email Personalization tool on your dashboard. 

Fill the URL of your business website. Here we take Medium as an example. After entering the URL (medium.com in this case), click on Generate Output and ta-da! 


Here is your personalized intro generated in seconds!


Writecream is running a lifetime deal on AppSumo for $59. It gives its buyers free access to all the tools of Writecream at one-time price. One time investment at just $59? 

Definitely worth it! Apart from this, Writecream has some other deals also.

It has a plan suitable for startups which is  available for $49 per month which includes 100 credits and access to all of its tools.

It also has an extended version available at $69 per month which provides 250 credits to its users and access to all of its tools and features and the AI copywriter's community! 


Apart from these tools, a live chat support is also available on the website which helps its users have a hassle free experience at Writecream!


To sum up, a number of copywriting tools are available in the market but the best tool is the one which focuses on its customer's needs and preferences. 

Writecream grabs the spotlight because it is an easy-to-use and affordable tool with a clean and manageable user interface along with its specialisation in generating high quality- content in seconds! 

Samantha Paul
Samantha is a SaaS fan who is always on the lookout for great software and lifetime deals. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, Samantha prefers Windows to Mac and Android over iOS. You will see her articles here and we hope that you find them useful and informational.
Writecream: The best place for all your writing problems!  Writecream: The best place for all your writing problems! Reviewed by Samantha Paul on 8/06/2021 05:10:00 PM
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