Places where entrepreneurs can submit their startups for listing

 An idea is a founding stone to the success of the startup, but what is also important for it is to reach the list where people, who can be potential customers, investors can look into and take steps forward if they are interested. Putting one's business on the map at a low cost is not an easy game. It is important for the startups to have their link-building networks and finally get exposure on high-traffic websites. So, don't worry, after a lot of research, we will be providing you with a list where you can register your business. 

1. Sell a business idea
2. Pitch your business before launch and gain early user transaction
3. Get feedback on your prototype or software beta features
4. Score extra funding in the development phase
5. Promote your product or service for free
6. Get press coverage
7. Find networking and partnership opportunities
8. Boost your website organic traffic
9. Build online and website awareness.

If these are your concerns or any one of them which needs attention, then you are at the right place. 

More than 2016 websites have been collected from various lists which have been published in the last 10 years and these contain the  following criteria which need to be kept in mind while submitting your startup for listing-

1. How active the website is? Does it publish content consistently?
2. Is the website relevant for digital projects and side projects?
3. Is there a direct way to create a listing or share content?
4. Would the website allow publishing the content your own or the clients?
5. Is there any value for link building or the brand awareness implied?

To create a rich list of startup directories, the following data points were taken into account- 

1. How long does it take to submit your startup?
2. Is the directory free or paid?
3. How difficult is submitting your startup here?
4. Moz Domain Authority (DA)
5. Traffic Volume 
6. The top country in terms of website traffic 
7. Website type 
8. Website's core topic 
9. Trust and citation flow scores 

Here I will be showing you the top 5 websites where you can submit your startup for listing: 


It is a collaborative community that engages tech founders together, SaaS companies and B2B entrepreneurs share their stories here on this platform. This website not only helps in marketing the products but also in reaching the target audience. 

Product hunt

It is the #1 website for publishing a startup or a side project. Product Hunt is a digital platform where the users can find the top new products and businesses, and people and entrepreneurs can meet like-minded people, can talk, and share about latest websites, software, hardware products, and hardware projects.  

Startup Stash

It is a directory that provides tools and resources for the entrepreneurs. The platform provides everything from the investors, to the product development, to launch insights and what not. It is the most upvoted software in the ProductHunt. 

Starter Story

This platform interviews the successful entrepreneurs and helps others by providing them the insights about how to launch a product and run a business. The posts on this platform tells how entrepreneurs carry on their projects, how they make sure that they are visible and how they acquire investments and handle daily activities. 


It is a global community of 1600 enterprises and startups. This platform is engaged in connecting startups which are in baby stage to early adopters, accelerators, angel investors , and venture capital investors. This platform also helps in finding jobs, grants, partnership, and exposure opportunities. It helps the startups in getting a kick and running successfully. 

The other directories for the new startups are as follows-
1. YourStack
2. AngelList
3. Listly 
4. InnMind
5. Makerlog

Featuring your project or a startup is very important. Careful steps need to be taken so that no disturbance occurs. Hope it provides you help.

Good luck! 

Samantha Paul
Samantha is a SaaS fan who is always on the lookout for great software and lifetime deals. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, Samantha prefers Windows to Mac and Android over iOS. You will see her articles here and we hope that you find them useful and informational.
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