Top 7 Online Article Spinner Tools That You Can Use In 2021

Internet around the world is dynamic and ever-changing. There is a wide range of options available that allows countless people to earn through the help of the internet. 'Content Writing' is also a familiar term among the choices. The idea of 'Content' does not solely represent articles. Video Scripts, Podcast titles, Social Media Posts, Assessment Papers, and many other concepts are as well classified under the term 'Content'. 

But, composing fresh and unique content on a regular basis, might seem challenging to specific individuals. People who are new to this field or who can't hire bloggers due to lack of budget, often face trouble in doing so, as generating ideas repeatedly is a challenging task to perform. Still, these creators compose their own 'SEO Friendly' signature write-ups by the medium of Article Spinners.

Why are Article Spinner tools important?

Article spinning is a way to utilize different words in order to state or express the same thing, in just a few clicks. The main purpose of 'Article Spinners' is to compose unique and quality articles. These tools primarily alter the synonyms of an existing article and restructure sentences without affecting the comprehensive sense. There are countless alternatives of Spinner Tools available in the market including some that are free of cost!

Users often get confused while picking out the appropriate Spinner Tool. However, by the end of this article, you will be able to pick the particular Spinner Tool that suits you best. There is a tough competition present within the Article Spinning Tool companies and each of them is clashing with its contenders to be the best. From a large set of options, I have sorted out some choices that might be the ideal one for you and also prepared a chart comprising the top Article Rewriters, classified under Performance, Cost, Rank and Efficiency and so:

Comparison and Overview of the best article spinners at a glance:

It's alright if you are unable to browse the whole article. The following chart will help you summarize the entire facts

RANK                      SOFTWARE                   PRICING                          FREE TIME PERIOD
1                                 Spin rewriter 4.9              $77/year, $47/month         5 days
2                                 Clever Spinner 4.7           $9.90/month                      3 days
3                                 Quillbot   4.5                    Minimum $39.95/year       Free plan available
4                                 Word AI 4.4                       $347/year                         3 days
5                                 Wordtune 4.1                     $119.88/year                     Free plan available
6                                 Spinbot 4.0                        $75/year                            Free plan available
7                                 Small SEO Tools 3.9        Free of Cost                       Lifetime

Top 7 best article rewriter and article spinner tools:

1. Spin Rewriter

Rating: 4.9/5 


Dominating the entire list, Spin Rewriter provides the finest quality among all of its competitions. It is present in the scenario since 2011 and has established itself as a reputed platform. Assisted by the latest ENL technology, this spinner software never fails to satisfy the escalating demands of idealist consumers. It includes a simple and effective UI(user interface) to make sure that not a single user is left out with any issue while spinning an article. Moreover, the 'One-Click Rewrite' feature, makes it one of the most potent platforms. 

SpinRewriter Interface


1. Spin Rewriter is mostly known for generating a substantial variety of output. It can produce up to 1000 articles using different words without affecting the sense.
2. Considering ENL(Emulated Natural Language) technology by its side, producing precise articles without changing the meaning is now easier than ever. This is an AI-based software that first understands the way an article is composed and then restructures it.
3. It is an online software allowing users to access it from anywhere and any device.


$77/year with 6 with 5 days free trial and bonus features, 
$497 unlocked for lifetime

SpinRewriter Pricing

2. Clever Spinner

Rating: 4.7/5


Tussling with the superior, Clever Spinner secured the 2nd best spot on the list. It is the cheapest option present being one of the highest-rated Spinning Tools. Disregarding few facts, this spinning tool almost made it to the top, and it never fails to clash with its contenders, in the race to reign as the supreme. This AI-based software is mostly known for its fast and effortless performance. Moreover, it uses cutting-edge NLP technology that allows users to create precise articles in a matter of seconds. Apart from a fully automatic mode, it also features a manual one that generates spun content much quicker than others.

Clever Spinner Interface


1. As mentioned earlier, this spinning tool is based on artificial intelligence. This software understands the sense before converting it into a fresh and unique content.
2. Being one of the cheapest, it shows no compromise towards performance. Known for fast and effective results along with top-notch efficiency, it satisfies customers to the fullest.
3. This tool consistently passes and progresses through the Copyscape test. According to the developers' statement, the spun content produced by Clever Spinner is 100% readable. 


First 3 days 100% free trial.

3. Quillbot

Rating: 4.5/5


Quillbot is the first software on the list with the availability of a free plan, especially for students and freshers that are unable to afford the paid ones yet. It is also an effective software and one of the most recent companies to incorporate its name with the industry. Names like Rahul Gupta, Anil Jason, Dave Silin have an important impact on the success of Quillbot and introduced it to the market in 2017. Though it is a free-to-use software, it almost functions like a paid one. It includes 3 quill models in the free plan namely 'Standard', 'Creative' and 'Fluent' to create unique content swiftly. Moreover, it can be attached comfortably to Google Docs or Chrome Extension.

Quillbot Interface


1. Quillbot has an inbuilt grammar checker that allows even new users to generate precise articles.
2. Apart from the 3 quill modes available in the free plan, the premium version consists of 4 additional spinning modes along with the free features as well. The paid modes 'Creative+', 'Formal', 'Shorten', 'Expand' helps to generate premium quality of spun content.
3. Apart from spinning articles, Quillbot also provides a Summarizer tool that will help you smoothly shorten large articles and gather useful information only.


Free version with 3 spinning techniques(can spin up to 700 words)
$29.95/6 months under Semi-Annual Plan, 
$39.95/year under Yearly Plan.

Quillbot Pricing

4. Word AI:

Rating: 4.4/5


One of the leading companies in the scenario, WordAi is also a versatile alternative of its type, commonly known for generating spun content through multiple languages. This software is associated with 4 primary global languages- English, Spanish, Italian and French. Whether it's spinning with a different language or translating it to another, WordAI can perform both keeping the comprehensive sense unaffected. This article rewriter was developed by Alex Cardinell in December 2011 however it stays fresh and updated coping with consumers' capricious demands. 

WordAI Interface


1. The brand new version, WordAI 4, provides cutting-edge API control that can merge with any distinct software. It produces content in a very natural and 'Non-Robotic' manner.
2. One of the most efficacious features available in this software, the Bulk Spinning mode, can spin not 10, not 20, but up to 1000 articles at the same time. No doubt that it is the most beneficial function of all.
3. Another external characteristic included is integrating any Article Forge account with this rewriter. Enabling this access, WordAI provides you content ideas using the majority of the internet.


Custom plans are also available.

WordAI Pricing

5. Wordtune

Rating: 4.1/5


Akin to Quillbot, Wordtune is one of the most recent companies to be a part of the 'Article Spinning' industry, as well. Solely created by AI21 labs, this software came to function in 2018. It has the ability to scan and detect paragraphs and restructure the subjects. It simply divides them into sentences, with an expeditious Artificial Intelligence by its side. With the help of Wordtune, creating SEO friendly articles now is a piece of cake. This software includes its own customizable thesaurus that composes rewritten articles as if narrated by a native English speaker.

Wordtune Interface


1. Wordtune can provide precisely translated spun content from languages- Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Korean and more. Initially, it translates the subject to English and subsequently begins the procedure to restructure the article.
2. It is also attachable to Chrome Extension that allows you to use Wordtune wherever you want.
3. The spinning mechanism in Wordtune is based on spinning single sentences apart from whole paragraphs or bulk contents, to make sure not even missing the slightest details.


The free version is limited to operate 20 sentences per day.
Custom plans are also available.

Wordtune Pricing

6. Spinbot

Rating: 4.0/5


Spinbot is also widely reputed for providing free rewritten content. This spinning tool is obviously inferior to its competitors in the field of quality, but as a free article rewriter, it never fails to give a tough competition. Moreover, it can spin a huge sum of characters which is more than enough for most of the consumers. Its idea and design happen to be beneficial mostly for students and freshers who generally don't own the budget for trying out the paid variants. Anyways, as it's a free article rewriter, it does not generate identical outcomes compared with the paid ones. But surprisingly it is counted in the list for competing with other premium spinning tools, being a free alternative.

Spinbot Interface


1. As mentioned earlier, it can spin a total of 10000 characters and generates decent quality spun content.
2. Not sure if to term this feature as 'Old' or 'Efficient', but this article rewriter doesn't really need a 'Login' to start with. You can easily create rewritten articles and save some time skipping the part to register.
3. You can selectively choose out the words you don't want to spin with the 'Ignore' feature already present in this spinning tool.


$50/6 months, 

Spinbot Pricing

7. Small SEO Tools

Rating: 3.9/5


Finishing the chart with the last but not the least, also a free alternative to the top spinning tool companies, the Small SEO Tools. This software only has a free mode and no paid facilities, and is mostly known for covering versatile functions regarding 'Content Writing'. Whether it is a Plagiarism Checker, Word Counter, Grammar Checker or even a Spell Checker, Small SEO Tools provides everything being an all-in-one multipurpose platform. It contains more than one function and for this reason, it is utilized by countless users for needs other than just spinning and rewriting articles.

Small SEO Tools Interface


1. As mentioned earlier, this is a completely free software and contains more functions than just article spinning.
2. It provides a wide range of choices between the file formats. Except for just copying and pasting, you can easily choose between the formats using which you want to import the text. It supports- .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx and more to choose between.
3. Besides other spinning tools, this software also includes an automatic 'Spintax' detection function. It does not allow users to manually set the spintax. It is a simple UI concept, designed to avoid any complicacy. The 'Rewrite Article' button does it all.


This software is completely free.

To Conclude:

These are some additional facts and descriptions concerning the topmost article spinning tools. These facts will guide you in choosing the specific software using which you will be able to operate and function most comfortably and swiftly. Still, many people would remain hesitant while making decisions. But nothing is more favourable than trying for yourself. I would recommend testing out the free plans to avoid any charges and get a much distinct idea regarding the spinning tool you desire. Will be my pleasure if these additional facts help you in choosing that ideal spinning and rewriting software for yourself!

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