The Best FREE Online Paraphrasing Tools That You Can Use In 2021

Remember during school days if the teacher found any student cheating by trying to copy in exams. Then they would be warned or even strictly punished. The same happens when you copy paste an original content online. The search engine penalizes you or you may even get reported by the original writer for plagiarism. In today’s cyber world where businesses, education and creative works are going online for a better reach. To create your own online space, you have to post several writeups, articles, reports and blogs on your websites. It is a tedious job which is difficult to handle, maybe because you don’t have enough time, lack writing skills or idea and are unable to hire someone to do it for you. It is here where a Paraphrasing tool come to your rescue.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the skill of representing an information and ideas in your own words rather than simply copy pasting it from the original source. By paraphrasing you use your own words and don’t violate the rights of the content owner which would have resulted in the issue of plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined as taking someone's work example, for instance an essay, sentence, article, review, quotation, or other piece of writing and claiming it as your own, thereby obscuring the true author. Plagiarism is classified as explicit, covert, entire, partial, or autoplagic. One of the most prevalent forms of plagiarism is open plagiarism, which involves taking over the entire work or a specific portion and publishing it under your own name.

What is a Paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing tool which are also called as article rewriter, content spinner, or sentence re-phraser are all the same. This are websites or apps that you can use to avoid plagiarism. They restate the original content by changing the words and their position but keeping their meaning intact. The process is simple, once you find an original content online and you copy it rather than just pasting it to your site use the paraphrasing tool and then post it. This will provide you with the require content for your post and also spare you from getting penalised by the Google’s algorithm.

How a Paraphrasing Tool can improve SEO?

Online paraphrase tools are useful for boosting SEO since they may help you prevent and prevent plagiarism from your material, as well as assist you produce fresh content quickly and easily. They can help you with everything from synonyms to improving your readability score. It is nearly hard to create original and fresh material on daily bases in today's world. Even so, you may simply generate the top content for your websites/pages if you start using online paraphrasing tools.

Let’s find out how you can use these tools to create your own plag free content and which are the best online paraphrasing tools that you can use in 2021:

1] ParaphraseOnline (Free)

Our first contender for the best paraphrasing tool in 2021 is Paraphrase Online. Paraphrase Online is extremely simple to use tool and does not require any technical expertise or experience.

However, it is quite accurate in its process. Because of its ease of use and navigation, the tool is suitable for usage by both beginners and experts, which makes it an ideal tool for students.

It's not just that, but the application also has a native reword generator which can automatically rewrite your support that enables you generate better text. You may also use the programme to reword single phrases, along with rewrite textual material for websites, projects, blogs and other purposes for free.

2] Prepost SEO (Free/ Paid)

Prepost SEO is a powerful paraphrase tool with a user interface that is simple to use and operate. The programme works on your text and rewrites it with simplicity. To use this tool, insert your text from the original source, and the programme will provide the finest rewritten material without affecting the original context.

Prepost SEO can be used by anybody, whether they are a webmaster, a freelancer, a professional, or a student. The free tool rewrites material using complex algorithms and approaches and includes synonym and phrase changers to make your content distinct from the original text.

A word counter is also provided to analyse the length and character counts of your text. Its strong paraphrase capabilities include the option to upload any file (text, PDF, doc.) with no limitations and receive the rewritten material in a matter of seconds.

Its subscription is divided into Basic, Standard and Company Packages. Additional features are added as you go up the plans. Annual membership for the Basic, Standard and Company plans are $50, $150 and $350 respectively.

3] Spinner Chief 6 (Free/Piad)

This tool utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language analysis to comprehend your material in the same way as a search engine would. It also employs statistical substitution technology, which chooses the most suitable analytical synonym for a phrase or word, as well as techniques that mimic natural conversation and part-of-speech analysis.

Advanced features such as auto-grammar correction allow you to twist words or sentences to create the finest potential rewritten content. The application adapts to your requirements as you use it more, polling its Cloud Dictionary (which supports over 20 languages) for the finest synonyms.

Other advantages here include the ContentBomb, which scrapes and converts existing content into new content, batch flip rewrite for large amounts of data, export formats, fast preview, and a developer API.

You'll be able to generate material that's similar to human-level quality this way.

Elite $197, which includes NLP, AI, and other technologies for improved outcomes, Ultimate $307, and Team $627, which is designed for teams to effortlessly produce and manage content and members.

4] Spin Rewriter (Paid)

Spin Rewriter rewrites and delivers original human-quality content using ENL (emulated natural language) semantic spinning technology, which helps you rank higher and more on search engines.

Other features of the paraphrase tool include mass export, stock photo integration, and the capacity to spin massive content, to name a few. You may also generate up to 1000 different versions of your text, extract data from paragraphs to create new content, spin bulk articles, and choose from five different spintax forms.

Furthermore, the tool is compatible with all devices (desktop and mobile) and supports spintax types. It can determine the meanings of each word in your content as well as how the word is related to others in the context.

The charges are $197 per year for annual/yearly plan and which includes a 5-day free trial, unlimited content, bulk spinning, the ENL spinning algorithm and mass export. The annual plan also includes video modules and seed articles.

5] Clever Spinner (Paid)

If you're looking for the most affordable and effective paraphrase software, this may be it. It can rewrite paragraphs or any text without losing its original meaning.

It's an AI-powered paraphrase tool with a simple and intuitive UI; all you have to do is copy and paste the material you want to rewrite onto a clipboard, and CleverSpinner will take care of things.

CleverSpinner also has a wide list of synonyms and a large vocabulary for paraphrasing. With the help of this feature, you may incorporate relevant phrases and words into your writing.

There is only one monthly plan available on this paraphrasing website, and it is pretty inexpensive. You may also try and test the programme for free for three days. Thereafter, you will only be charged $9.90 each month.


Though these tools can’t match a content with a Human touch. But as it takes a long time, a lot of effort, and a lot of mental work to do and finish. That makes writing a difficult task.  A paraphrasing tool can help you optimize the writing process and paraphrase your material, you can quickly and simply produce original, high-quality content that will also better your SEO🎉

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