Hands-on With Vivaldi Web Browser

Here's our first impression of the Vivaldi web browser.

The new browser Vivaldi’s technical preview showed that it is not as responsive asother browsers. At some point the browser seems to be inactive and also slow-moving but on the whole it is a good browser thanks to its special features.

Vivaldi comes with a new feature called Quick commands which is summoned by pressing ctrl+Q. This is a keyboard centric feature which opens up a pop-up window offering quick access to all the open tabs. Quick Commands filters all the results and displays whatever is needed by the user making it easier to search for.

With large number of tabs open, Vivaldi makes it easy to figure out as to which exact tab the user is in. The tab which is active takes the main color of the favicon of the site the user is visiting, like if the user is using Facebook the tab turns blue or red if the user is checking out YouTube. Thus all the active tabs shall be darker and ones which are inactive remains white thus making it easier for the user.

The special feature is the grouping of the tabs. Users can group all the tabs together by dragging them on top of each other or the tabs can also be grouped together on a folder on the Speed Dial page.

Though Vivaldi browser is slow when compared to other browsers and also lacks extensions, it may likely improve in its newer versions. Click on the download link below if you want to try out Vivaldi web browser.

Download : Vivaldi

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Hands-on With Vivaldi Web Browser Hands-on With Vivaldi Web Browser Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/29/2015 06:30:00 PM
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