Samsung Working On A Brainwave-Reading Stroke Detector

Samsung through its Galaxy S5 had claimed to be the first smartphone with a built in heart rate monitor. Now they are moving one step further with their new device called Early Detection Sensor and Algorithm Package (EDSAP), which is at present in a prototype stage. With devices being developed for measuring the different kinds of activities, like calories burnt, heart rate, number of steps taken, etc., engineers at Samsung Creativity Lab are working on a device that could detect danger in the impending stroke.

The device designed like a headset that the user wears, monitors the brainwaves combined with an algorithm which would help in detecting strokes. EDSAP sensor devices monitors and analyses brainwaves much faster than equipment used in hospitals and also are able to provide brainwaves in comprehensive details, which states the severity of the stroke giving enough time and information to the users to decide whether to actually consult a doctor or not. And the fact that it is easy to wear makes it even better.

Though this device at present is just a prototype and there is no assurance of it being introduced in Samsung’s future smartphones, it is exciting to know that Samsung is coming up with such innovative devices that could help its users in more than one way. 

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Samsung Working On A Brainwave-Reading Stroke Detector Samsung Working On A Brainwave-Reading Stroke Detector Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/27/2015 04:25:00 PM
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