YouTube to launch a new app for kids on February 23

According to a report, Google plans to release a Android-exclusive YouTube app for children dubbed 'YouTube Kids'. The app is free to download and will hit the play store on February 23. The app is 'built from the ground up with the little ones in mind'

YouTube kids will cater to kids less than 13 years of age, therefore the UI of the app will be kid-friendly. The new app will feature 'big bulbous icons and minimal scrolling'. 

Overall the app is well designed for young fingers, with a homescreen dominated by eight tiles showcasing popular kids show
and four simple icons - shows, music, learning and explore.

The app also features settings for parents where they can keep complete control over the time their kids spend watching videos.

The apps list of approved content includes videos created by Jim Henson TV, DreamWorks TV, Mother Goose Club, National Geographic, Reading Rainbow, and Talking Tom and Friends.

Shimrit Ben-Yair, YouTube product manager was quoted saying "Parents were constantly asking us, can you make YouTube a better place for our kids," to USA Today

Source : USA Today

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YouTube to launch a new app for kids on February 23 YouTube to launch a new app for kids on February 23 Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/20/2015 04:13:00 PM
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