New details of Apple Watch surface ahead of Apple's Spring Forward Event

A new report from 9to5mac citing people with hands-on Apple Watch experience revealed new leaked details of the upcoming smartwatch. The newly revealed details are about the battery performance, functionality of health-related apps, and the smartwatch's touch experience.

According to the source, Apple has improved the battery life of its Apple Watch and can handle 5 hours of heavy app usage and 24 hours of mixed usage. The Apple watch will need to be charged every night, as it will not last a second full day on one charge.

A recent report from New York Times stated that Apple had developed a new "Power Reserve Mode" to address the battery life concerns of the Apple Watch. 9to5mac source reveal more details of this feature stating that the Power Reserve mode can be activated via Battery Glance. It displays the remaining percentage of battery life, amount of time since the last large and a button to activate the Power Reserve Mode. It can also be activated via settings app on the Apple Watch.

The Reserve mode will be accessible even on full charge and  upon its activation the display will be dimmed and communication the iPhone will slow down. The report adds "One unit tested allowed access to all Apple Watch functions while in Power Reserve mode, while another unit was limited to the Clock face. We're told that some test units took between four and five hours to charge up to 100 per cent from 0 per cent via the wall-attached MagSafe charger. This is a notable improvement, we're told, from fall 2014 prototype."

The source also adds that Apple Watch glance screen will turn an orange/amber colour when the battery life is 20 percent as an alert to wearer, on 10 percent it will turn red.

Another new feature is Heart Rate Glance. This feature will enable users to check his/her heartbeats per minute at any time. The source claims that the readings "seemed accurate" and that the results were displayed instantly. At the Glance screen, an outline of a heart will appear and with a tap of the button the measurement will start and the screen will show the beats per minute reading.

Some of the other Glance widget apart from heart rate glance to feature in the Apple Watch are Fitness stats, Activity, Clock, Weather, Music, Quick setting, calender and maps.

The source also states about Apple Watch's touch screen experience. "The screen feels like a giant button that you just want to press in the manner needed for Force Touch." it reads. It also added that the Home Screen on the Apple Watch had up to 200 apps and looks sluggish.

The Apple Watch will not have a dedicated power button. Users can turn off the watch by long pressing the large communication button that is on the right side. When pressed a slider will appear and users will have to swipe it to finish the shutdown.

More details along with pricing and availability details of the Apple watch will be revealed on March 9 [Today] at Apple's Spring Forward Event.

Source : 9to5mac

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New details of Apple Watch surface ahead of Apple's Spring Forward Event New details of Apple Watch surface ahead of Apple's Spring Forward Event Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/09/2015 04:49:00 PM
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