OnePlus upcoming 'OneGameChanger' device is a DR-1 Drone

Earlier this month, OnePlus started teasing a brand new product calling it a "game changer". The new product will be announced in April. The teaser images teased with phrases like 'You're in contol' and #OneGameChanger.

Now, during a AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit, a OnePlus Official responded to a question regarding the upcoming product, saying that "it's a drone, the DR-1, and we will start selling it next month."

Unfortunately, OnePlus did not reveal any details on the design, specification and the pricing of the DR-1 Drone. 

Also, three months back, OnePlus posted a picture taken by the drone on Instagram. The description reads "We've been playing with our new drone and shot this photo of our building at night. What do you want to see next? #OnePlusLife"

Given the magnitude, how OnePlus One shook the smartphone market, we expect to the OnePlus Drone do something pretty radical as well. The OnePlus Dr-1 Drone will start selling from next month.

Kaiser Bey
Kaiser is a tech enthusiast who likes to write, read and talk about tech. He dreams of going to Mars and never come back. We hope that you find his posts on AndroGuider helpful and informative
OnePlus upcoming 'OneGameChanger' device is a DR-1 Drone OnePlus upcoming 'OneGameChanger' device is a DR-1 Drone Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/27/2015 07:46:00 AM
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