Vector smartwatch comes with a 30-day battery life

London based Vector watch has announced a new smartwatch range offering a 30 day battery life. The smartwatch has a classic watch stylings and an easy-to-use interface.

Vector's smartwatch will be available in two edition - the round faced Luna and square face Meridian. They will launch with various steel finishes and either leather or link straps. Both models work with interchangeable 22 mm bands.They are waterproof for a depth of up to 50 meters.

The smartwatches have a  monochrome LCD display and a low powered operating system which is a factor in the claimed 30 days of battery life. Vector smartwatches are not touch-enabled, the navigation is done using three physical buttons on the side of the watch.

The company's watch can pair with Android, iOS or Windows phone devices and provide notification, upcoming calendar appointments and lets you browse new headline (from RSS feed you subscribe in the app).

The notifications are not immediately display, instead it appears as a thick line around the watch face. If you want to read the notification, user will have to flick their wrist - a flick of the wrist performed with five seconds of the small vibration arriving will display the message. The calender appointments will appear around the edges of the display.

They also include calorie and distance activity tracking and sleep tracking with traditional watch functionality such as chronograph, stop watch, and multiple time zones .

The round faced Luna smartwatch is priced $349 and the square faced Meridian smartwatch is priced at $199. Both will go on sale this summer from vector's online store as well as select retail stores globally.

Source : GizMag | Cnet

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Vector smartwatch comes with a 30-day battery life Vector smartwatch comes with a 30-day battery life Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/20/2015 06:04:00 AM
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