Google announces new Photos app with unlimited photo and video storage

Google at its annual I/O developer conference, announced Google Photos, a new standalone photo storage service where you can backup and store unlimited, high-quality photos and videos for free. Google Photos will be available for iOS, Android and Web.

Users can store photos up to 16MP in size, videos up to 1080p which is sufficient for most users. The app also stores compressed versions of the photos and videos in print-quality resolution.You can enable an automatic back up and sync over WiFi or data, or else you can do it manually.

Google Photos automatically organizes you clicked photos by grouping them into people, places and things that matter. There is no need to tag, label or create albums for the photos. You can just type in the search box to find a particular photo. The app also help users quickly enhance photos and combine them in new ways.The app lets you pinch and zoom to view your images by week month or year.

You can group your images into collections by creating collages, animation, movies with soundtrack by press the + button. There is also an 'Assistant view' feature, which provides smart suggestion about when you can make a collection.

With Google Photos, users have the choice to share photos and videos to social networking accounts like Twitter, Whats App to name a few. Lastly, there is feature where users can save and share their photos easier and faster. You can create a specific link to a photo or group of photos that you want to share with friends and families. There is also a multi-selection gesture in photos, where you can press and hold a photo and then drag your finger down the list to select multiple files.

Google Photo app is now available for download for Android, iOS and web.

Kaiser Bey
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Google announces new Photos app with unlimited photo and video storage Google announces new Photos app with unlimited photo and video storage Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/29/2015 09:20:00 PM
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