Google introduces 'Jump' VR platform

Google in collaboration with GoPro announced a new virtual reality system called Jump that uses a new 3D camera rig. It is a new technology that uses a ring of 16 separate GoPro camera and is capable of shooting  immersive 360-degree panoramas. Google showed off the GoPro system at its I/O conference. 

Google's rig features camera syncing, multi-camera control and long battery life. It uses HERO4 camera modules and allows all 16 camera to act as one. It also includes features like shared settings and frame-level synchronization. It relies on very specialized geometry that assembles RAW footage into a VR video. Once the footage is captured, it can be brought in to Google's new Jump software for processing.
The resulting footage will be immersive and viewers will be able to enjoy the 3D experience. It can be viewed with a virtual reality headset or on VR player that will be available withing YouTube. 

Clay Bavor, the man behind Google Cardboard, VP of product management, Google said
It’s about capturing and sharing these real-world experiences, like the great wall, the coral reef, in an entirely new way, one that looks and feels like you’re actually there. Because the world is filled with all these awesome places and events, like Great Barrier Reefs, and Golden Gate Bridges, and birthday parties and mountain tops.
Initially, the design will be available to a small group of YouTube creators and later it should make its way to the general public as well. (Engadget)

Source : GoPro

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Google introduces 'Jump' VR platform Google introduces 'Jump' VR platform Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/29/2015 10:37:00 PM
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