Apple announces OS X El Capitan

At WWDC 2015, Apple announced the new version of OS X dubbed El Capitan. It builds on last year's Yosemite with improved system performance, better window management, built-in apps and Spotlight search making daily activities from launching apps to accessing email faster and more responsive. Apple's Metal graphic technology is also integrated into El Capitan.

One of the visual enhancements to El Capitan is the change of system level font which is now San Francisco, first introduced in Apple watch. The font is touted to make reading easier for the eyes. For multi-tasking, Mission control now displays everything that is opened on the Mac in a single layer making it easy to find the window your looking for. To create new space you can simply drag a window to the top of the screen to access the new space bar.

Apple has introduced a new Split view feature that automatically position two app windows side-by-side in full screen so you can run both the apps. This feature is also available in iPad. Apple has also added a neat gesture to El Capitan that comes handy when you can't find cursor on the screen. You need to shake your finger on the trackpad, and the cursor will magnify in size, making it easier to be spotted.

As for the built-in apps, Safari adds a new Pinned Sites feature, that lets you pin frequently accessed webpages to the left of your tabs bar. There is a new mute button to silence the browser audio on any tab.

The all-new Notes app gets a checklist feature and lets you add PDFs, videos, photos and URLS. You can also save content from Safari and draw sketch. The new Attachment browser, organizes the stored information in one simple view, with separate tabs for photo, videos, sketches, URLs and more. You can sync the note app across your devices via iCloud.

Mail app gets Smart Suggestion, which recognizes names or events in a mail message and prompts you to add them to your contacts or calendar with a single click. It also gets a full-screen support and gestures. When composing an email the window can be minimized letting you search for attachments or look for text to copy and paste. Mail also gets new Swipe gestures, allowing you to swipe left to delete a mail or swipe right to mark the mail as read or unread.

In photos app, you can add location to a single image or an entire moment and sort albums by date or title. You can access third-part photo editing app directly within the photos app.

The Spotlight search gets even smarter, showing results for weather, stocks, sports, transit and web video. The Spotlight window can be resized to display more results. It also recognizes natural language to find documents and files on your Mac based on created date or sender name. For example : "email from John in June" brings up relevant results.

Apple's graphics processing technology will be made available on OS X El Capitan. Metal speeds system level graphic by up to 50 percent and efficiency by up to 40 percent resulting in faster graphics performance.The draw call performance is also 10 times faster for a fluid gaming experience and pro apps.

OS X El Capitan is now available to Members of Mac Developer Program. The Public beta will be available for Mac users ( in July and the final version will roll out this fall which could be around September.

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Apple announces OS X El Capitan Apple announces OS X El Capitan Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/12/2015 07:36:00 PM
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