Tiny Arcade is a palm sized retro playable game cabinet

Ohio-based company TinyCircuits have come out with a playable small arcade cabinet called 'Tiny Arcade' on Kickstarter for funding. It is so small that it fits into the palm of your hand and can be used to play retro-style games that can be downloaded from the company website.

The initial plan is to have 20 classic titles ready for launch including Flappy Birdz, Tiny Invaders, Asteroids to name a few. Games can also be loaded from microSD card as well.

The Tiny Arcade is based on Arduino platform and the cabinet sports a full color OLED screen, an anologue joystick and two push buttons, built-in speaker and a rechargeable battery. The cabinets can be customised with supplied artwork stickers. You can also play MP4 videos on the tiny screen.

The Tiny Arcade prices start at $60 for a DIY kit so that you can assemble the mini arcade cabinet, while a pre-assembled cabinet costs $75. There is also a premium 3D printed Tiny Arcade that costs $150. Tiny Arcade will begin shipping in April 2016.


Highlights of Tiny Arcade
    • Beautiful, vibrant full color OLED screen  
    • Games are free and open source - play community made games or write your own
    • SD card expansion slot- download new games and insert card
    • High quality analog joystick and two push buttons
    • Built-in speaker and rechargeable lithium battery
    • USB port for charging and game development
    • Acrylic, Wood or 3D printed enclosure options
    • Customize your cabinet with supplied artwork stickers or design and print your own
    • Electronics based around the same 32-bit ARM processor as the Arduino Zero 

    Kaiser Bey
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    Tiny Arcade is a palm sized retro playable game cabinet Tiny Arcade is a palm sized retro playable game cabinet Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/22/2015 06:43:00 PM
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