Reliance Jio unveils 4G LTE services for its employees

Reliance Jio Infocomm, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, on Sunday launched its 4G LTE services for its employees at an event in Reliance Corporate Park on the eve of the 83rd birthday of Dhirubhai Ambani.

As per the press statement, over one lakh employees spread across 1,072 centres in India and one in Dallas USA, connected to the event at RCP on Jio's own hi-speed network. “All employees of RIL, its group companies, Jio and its partners totaling more than one lakh, every single one of them, spread across various locations and geographies, were simultaneously initiated into the Jio Digital Life,” the company stated.

Reliance Jio has Pan India 2300MHz spectrum and 1800MHz spectrum in 14 circles. Earlier this year the company acquired 800MHz spectrum in 10 circles and 1800MHz spectrum in six circles. The commercial launch of 4G services was expected this month, but was delayed due to technical challenges related to the 2300MHz spectrum. 

The company now has the largest spectrum bank in India, compared to any other opeator in the counrty. It will offer voice services through VoLTE (voice over LTE), which delivers better call quality and faster video and multimedia services compared to the regular network.

A recent report by Credit Suisse brokerage firm, the download speeds of Reliance Jio's 4G network during a beta-test peaked at 70MB per second, but remained 15-30Mbps on most occasions. It is not known when Reliance Jio's commercial 4G roll out will begin, but earlier reports suggest that the pan-India commercial roll out is expected in March-April 2016.

Reliance Jio is also expected to launch 4G LTE enabled budget smartphones and tablets under the LYF range in the coming months.

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Reliance Jio unveils 4G LTE services for its employees Reliance Jio unveils 4G LTE services for its employees Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/28/2015 01:11:00 PM
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