LG White Card required for LG Pay service surfaces online

Last year in November, LG announced its own mobile payment service, LG Pay. Unlike Samsung or Apple's payment service that uses NFC or MTS to make payments, LG will use a special card that will connect to the smartphone via dedicated app to make use of the service. However details were scarce.

Now we have the first look at the card, which is known as the White Card. The card resembles a credit card, and will be able to link multiple cards, that you carry with it.

It has a small LCD display to show which card you're using, battery life and other information (marked as part 1). There are arrows to let you choose, which card you want to use, additionally, it also locks the card so others can't use it (marked as part 2). There are connector pins on the side of the card for charging it (marked as part 3). There is also a plus button, below the connector pins, which could be an option at add a new card.

LG has already ordered 50,000 units of the White Card and is reportedly discussing with one provider for mass production of even more, which means LG will initially launch the card in South Korea, followed by global expansion.

LG has scheduled an event at MWC 2016 on February 21, so we can expect to hear more about the White Card at the event.

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LG White Card required for LG Pay service surfaces online LG White Card required for LG Pay service surfaces online Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/30/2016 07:42:00 PM
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