Samsung may become Apple's primary OLED display supplier

Earlier there has been rumors that Apple may tap Samsung to supply OLED screens for upcoming iPhones. Now according to a report from South Korea's Electronic Times, Samsung is set to be the primary OLED supplier for the new iPhones, as both the companies have come to an agreement. 

This also confirms that Apple will be switching from LCD panels to OLED panels for its future iPhones. However the move will only happen in 2018, which means the next iPhone will have LCD display. At present, Apple Watch is the only device that sports an OLED display.

Samsung is expected to invest 9 trillion won ($7.47 billion) to prepare its plants with equipment to manufacture iPhone displays. The lines are expected to ensure production between 30,000 to 45,000 OLED display sheets per month. The plants are also required to yield an additional 45,000 units per month in 2017. Samsung would also invest around $830 million to expand their production capabilities for Samsung Galaxy and Chinese smartphones. 

No official statement has been released by Samsung or Apple, but industry sources claim that the contract has been signed.

Unlike the LCD screen used in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, an OLED display does not require additional backlight since the pixels can be lit individually to offer excellent off-angle viewing.


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Samsung may become Apple's primary OLED display supplier Samsung may become Apple's primary OLED display supplier Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/15/2016 04:07:00 PM
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