Sony unveils waterproof wearable Walkman WS413, WS414

Sony not only outed the Walkman A26, digital audio player, but also announced new models in its all-in-one wearable Walkman series - the WS413 and WS414. 

They are waterproof, dustproof and can also be used in salt water as well thanks to IP65/68 rating. There is also rust-proof coating on the surface of the front case that ensures that the Walkman is protected both inside and out.

Being waterproof and dustproof means you can listen to music wherever you are, be it swimming pool, jogging, hiking up in snowy mountains or even swimming in the sea since it is salt water proof as well. They can withstand temperature ranging from -5 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

The Sony WS414 comes with 4GB of inbuilt storage, while the WS413 comes with 8GB storage. They have built-in microphones that eliminated outside noise using the Ambient Sound Mode.

The Sony WS414 Walkman and WS413 Walkman are priced at 110 Euros (Rs. 7,500) and 120 Euros (Rs. 8,500) respectively. They will be available in Europe starting March 2016.

Kaiser Bey
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Sony unveils waterproof wearable Walkman WS413, WS414 Sony unveils waterproof wearable Walkman WS413, WS414 Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/06/2016 05:18:00 PM
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