Google's Android Camera app reportedly to get Goggles functionality

It looks like Google is working on making it  Camera smart. Slashgear citing anonymous source, reports that, Google has been working for sometime on a new feature for its Android camera app, that will let you search for any item and its information directly from the photos.

The report says that the new feature will use Google's Goggle app, which allows you to point your Android phones camera at a bar code, QR code or landmark or image to receive information about the, from Google's data base. The app can aslo read text in eight languages and translate it.

In addition to Google Goggles, the improved Android camera app will use the visual-search app as well. The integration of Goggles and visual search app, with the new Android camera, will allow you to outline the object you seek information for, with your finger in real time from the image stored in your device or after a photo has been taken.

Slashgear has shared an image that illustrates how the feature works. There are two items pictured, a mug and a tape dispenser. The mug is outlined in the image while the tape dispenser if left out. The camera app will offer information about the outline object, that is the mug and reveals the brand name & details, store name from where it can be purchased and price.

Google's aim here could be to make shopping more easier, by helping you find the desired product easily from your mobile device. Unfortunately, the report does not mention, when the feature will roll out. You can still check out the Goggle app on your Android mobile device. [Link: Goggle]


Kaiser Bey
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Google's Android Camera app reportedly to get Goggles functionality Google's Android Camera app reportedly to get Goggles functionality Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/27/2016 06:11:00 PM
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