Samsung unveils Hum On! & Waffle Android apps, Entrim 4D VR headset

Samsung's C-Lab Projects is a program aimed at the company's employees to nurture their creative business ideas. At SXSW, (South by Southwest), the South Korean tech giant showcased three new C-Lab projects.

These projects include Hum On, an app the transcribes hummed melodies into musical scores, Waffle, a social media platform that enables collaborative content creation and Entrim 4D, a virtual reality accessory that lets users feel the movement of the on-screen action.

Hum On
The mobile app turns your hums into symphonies, by recording the hummed melodies, and then transcribes them into musical notations. You can playback the music using preferred genre style like R&B, classical or rock. To detect the pitch and duration of a user's voice that app utilizes analysis software, and machine learning the same way a musician considers melody and chords. You'll also be able to share the songs via social media or use them as background music for videos.

It's a social media platform for content sharing, that boasts a user interface that resembles the grids on a waffle. The app enables users to create a new feed of expandable content, and even add to existing related content. “Waffle enables users to add their own perspective to someone else’s content, and vice versa, These doodles, images and messages converge into entirely new content.” says Samsung

"For example, a travel enthusiast might start a feed with a photograph taken on her latest trip to Tokyo. Then, others might add, say, a digital doodle of a sumo wrestler, a quote about traveling or an image of some beautifully plated sushi. In this way, Waffle offers a new, differentiated service that illustrates multiple points of view to generate a collaborative story."  

Entrim 4D
It's a headset designed to be worn while wearing Gear VR. It uses a combination of algorithms and Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) that sends electric messages to a nerve in the ear, and synchronizes your body with changing movements in video content, letting users feel as if they are part of the on-screen action. They can also sense direction and speed of movement.

Samsung said that when the Entrim 4D is paired with a drone's first person view, user can even fly through the real world. In theory, this means, the system tricks the brain into thinking that they are flying. This project also aims to eliminate one of the major pain points of VR, 'motion sickness'.

“Virtual reality shouldn’t be experienced only with the eyes, With Entrim 4D, we hope that people can experience VR the way it was meant to be—with their whole bodies.” says Samsung

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Samsung unveils Hum On! & Waffle Android apps, Entrim 4D VR headset Samsung unveils Hum On! & Waffle Android apps, Entrim 4D VR headset Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/15/2016 06:44:00 PM
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