Amazon Kindle Oasis product shots leaked

Amazon's next gen 'top of the line' eReader, the Kindle Oasis, which is to launch this week, has been leaked in couple of images and some of its details revealed courtesy of China's eCommerce platform Tmall (now taken down).

As per the image, the Kindle Oasis will have a new design, and will have page buttons on one side of the screen, and an accelerometer, that allows the screen to rotate automatically to 180 degrees, so that the button will be on both left and right sides. The battery sits right below the page buttons.

The Kindle Oasis will have a touch screen with resolution of 300ppi, stylus support and also have an LED light. There is no mention of waterproof or water resistant. The eReader will be 3.4mm thin, the thickest point will be 8.5mm, and weigh about 131g. 

Amazon will also offer a leather case with built-in battery that fits in the Kindle Oasis, and should offer a longer battery life. Here are a couple of details of the battery case.

  • The case is leather and extends the battery life of the eReader to up to “several months.”
  • There are 12 magnets that hold the case and Kindle together, and can be detached easily as well
  • Amazon says the thicker-on-one-side design leads to an ergonomically streamlined grip that shifts the weight to your palm.
  • The battery case comes in three colors, black, brown, and red, and it’s described as “included” with the Kindle Oasis, which indicates it will be bundled with the eReader and not sold as a separate accessory.
  • When unplugged, the case can charge the Kindle’s battery. When plugged in, both batteries will be charged.
As mentioned earlier, the Kindle Oasis launches this week, but unfortunately, it is now known when.


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Amazon Kindle Oasis product shots leaked Amazon Kindle Oasis product shots leaked Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/12/2016 12:16:00 AM
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