Windows 10 will bring Android phone notification to PCs

Microsoft at Build 2015 announced that it will release an Anniversary Update for Windows 10 this summer, and among all the new features and improvements, it will include an updated Action Center for notification and settings. With the updated Action Centre, you'll be able to respond to the notifications from your Android or Windows Phone directly from the PC.

For Android phones, the Cortana app for Android will have to be installed on the phone in order to sync all of your notification, once done, you'll be able to see text messages, missed calls, or other notification on your phone, and you'll be able to respond to the message on your Windows PC without unlocking the Android phone. You can  manually dismiss the notification from the PC, and at the same time it will automatically disappear from the Android phone.

Microsoft at Build 2016 event said that it would create a new notification center in the cloud, that will be responsible for receiving notification from Android phones, and pushing them to Windows PC.

Windows 10 Mobile phones will also get the new Action Center, and all your notification will be synced across device, and once you've read and dismissed the notification from your Windows PC, it will at the same time disappear from the phone as well.

As for iOS, it does have Cortana app, but it is currently not known whether the feature is coming to iOS devices. However, Microsoft doesn't have much access to iOS as the Android version that is required to interact with the Windows PC. 


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Windows 10 will bring Android phone notification to PCs Windows 10 will bring Android phone notification to PCs Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/02/2016 05:46:00 AM
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