Swiftmoji keyboard can pick the perfect emoji for you

Popular third-party keyboard maker Swiftkey has released Swiftmoji keyboard which in addition to predicting texts, predicts emojis as well. Swiftemoji is Swiftwkey's first product since Microsoft's acquisition earlier this year, and is available for Android and iOS.

Swiftmoji functions same as the normal Swiftkey keyboard for auto-corrent and predictions, but offers emoji predictions as well, that should be used in your texts based on the context of the conversation combined with 'worldwide emoji trends'. For instance, if you write the word cooking in the Swiftmoji keyboard, it will suggest various emojis related to cooking and dishes.

Swiftkey says that certain people are associated with particular emojis. For instance, the goat emoji crops up for Muhammad Ali - the acronym G.O.A.T signifying Greatest of All Time.

Swiftmoji for Android is a full keyboard replacement, while for iOS, it will act as an emoji keyboard only. It only supports English language.

Download Swiftmoji – Android | iOS


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Swiftmoji keyboard can pick the perfect emoji for you Swiftmoji keyboard can pick the perfect emoji for you Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/21/2016 05:13:00 PM
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