BlackBerry Partners China's TCL to Make BlackBerry-Branded Mobile Devices

So far Blackberry has been a device with great features and with tonnes of security options. However, things haven't gone North so far for Blackberry. But for the BlackBerry users, we've good news. BlackBerry Ltd recently claimed that China’s TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd would make and sell BlackBerry-branded mobile devices and that too not only in a particular region, but globally and this is the Canadian smartphone pioneer’s first licensing deal since it's transition to a software company.

The BlackBerry company that was a once-giant cellphone industry has stated that by offloading it's mobile production to TCL, which is the fourth largest handset manufacturer in North America and top ten globally. 

So how will it benefit Blackberry? Talking about the facts, BlackBerry will be able to keep it's brand up and running worldwide. This agreement will hold the fact that TCL manufactures and sells BlackBerry-branded smartphones in all countries except for a few markets where BlackBerry still maintains a share of the mobile market.

The aforementioned countries are India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia. BlackBerry signed a deal in September giving Indonesia’s BB Merah Putih the rights to make and sell devices under its name in that country, the largest market for BlackBerry.

The devices made by TCL, which also makes Alcatel-branded mobile devices, will be collaborated with BlackBerry's security software and service suite, the company said on Thursday.

BlackBerry said in September that it would outsource the development of it's smartphones, and right after a month later, it launched it's last mobile device which is the Android-based DTEK60, made under an agreement with TCL.

Beyond mobile devices and laptops, security is fast becoming a broader issue with the expansion of the Internet of Things, where smart appliances in homes and infrastructure in municipalities unwrap themselves up with new possibilities for data breaches.

Taha Maknoo
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BlackBerry Partners China's TCL to Make BlackBerry-Branded Mobile Devices BlackBerry Partners China's TCL to Make BlackBerry-Branded Mobile Devices Reviewed by Taha Maknoo on 12/20/2016 12:02:00 AM
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