Lenovo Yoga Book with Chrome OS launching in 2017

Lenovo's Yoga Book is an interesting 2-in-1 tablet. Instead of a traditional keyboard, the tablet comes with an innovative flat touchscreen keyboard called Halo/create pad that can digitize your scribbles or sketches via real pen and paper.

Currently Yoga Book ships with either Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Windows 10, and now a third OS option will be available next year.

According to a report, Lenovo is working on Chrome OS version of Yoga Book. The Chrome OS version will work in the same way as the Android version of Yoga Book, but will get some tweaks. Since Chrome OS is popular in the education market, the new Chrome OS Lenovo Book will be aimed at school children for educational purposes.

The details were shared by Lenovo VP Jeff Meredith in an interview with Laptop Mag and he also said that the Chrome OS Yoga Book will launch sometime in 2017.

Lenovo launched the Yoga Book at this year's IFA and was made available last week in India. The Windows 10 version is currently selling at Rs. 49,990 on Flipkart, while the Android version is expected to arrive soon. 


Kaiser Bey
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Lenovo Yoga Book with Chrome OS launching in 2017 Lenovo Yoga Book with Chrome OS launching in 2017 Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/19/2016 02:40:00 PM
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