Faraday Future unveils FF 91 super fast electric car

Faraday Future showed off prototype model of its upcoming FF 91 electric car at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. For those unaware, Faraday Future is an Electric Vehicle startup backed by Jia Yueting, the CEO and Founder of LeEco.

The car has the largest battery size featuring high density battery cells with 130 kilowatt hours of energy. Faraday claims that the car can travel about 608km (378 milers) per charge. The battery can be charged using either 110 or 250 volt AC at-home chargers. The company also claims that a 200 kilowatt DC quick-charging capability with promise of wireless charging on the go.

The electric motor inside generates 1050 horsepower, and according to Faraday Future the car can go from 0-60 in 2.39 seconds, making it the fastest car built to date. It also includes advanced aerodynamics and can automatically adjust performance and handling depending on the driving style and road conditions.

The futuristic looking vehicle sports roomy interiors with four seats. There's no handle on the doors and they open automatically as the driver approaches. For this it will make use of FF ID ecosystem to make you the key of the car using Bluetooth and facial recognition to unlock the door.

It also projects holograms on the windshield to alert drivers of any information thanks to the 10 cameras, 13 radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors the vehicle comes equipped with. Drivers will not have to worry about parking as well. The electric vehicle is also expected to get self driving capabilities at a later stage.

Advanced reservation for the cars are being taken in select countries for a refundable $5,000 (Rs. 3,40,000). The first 300 takers will receive a special first-edition car called the Alliance Edition that comes with an exclusive exterior  Silicon Valley Aluminum color, Alliance Edition badges, and a personalized Alliance Edition UI/UX interface.

The FF 91 goes into production in early 2018.

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Faraday Future unveils FF 91 super fast electric car Faraday Future unveils FF 91 super fast electric car Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/04/2017 03:49:00 PM
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